Early morning sexual encounter with a co-worker.

Can range from hardcore spank my ass sex on your bosses desk to copping the opportunistic feel of your desk mates ass while they are bent over under their desk plugging in their coffee warmer.
"While Harv was bent over under his desk this morning plugging in his new USB device, I walked right up and grabbed me a handful of teige! Yeah baby!"
by The Original Pez April 14, 2008
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Teig is the most beautiful person to ever exist. If you know anyone with the name of Teig, chances are he has the most chiseled jawline with the most symmetrical eyebrows. He can probably sing like an angel and he can make you cry out of joy for even just being around someone like him. If you have a Teig in your life, make sure you never lose him. If you have a Teig in your life, you give him the firmest handshake you could possibly give.
student one: What a beautiful child. What's his name?
student two: Teig.
student one: Of course.
by Childmanperson1234 December 18, 2020
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A female who's irresistible looks and charming personality makes men flock to her. Usually but not limited to being a cougar-type, a freak in the bed, unpredictable, and makes even the strongest of men become whipped: possibly from her time interacting with a succubus at her workplace.
damn that girl is totally tryin' to teig me right now

i got this girl to let me give her the praying mantis, I caught myself a teig!

that bitch is teigalicious
by thabombdiggity13 December 1, 2009
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He don't like the dark people
Teig is going off again against Detroit
by ihateegirlsandeboys March 1, 2021
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hottie who is great at fucking boys!!
he loves anal.And is confused if he likes girls or boys,but both girls and boys like him. He is sexxie, and loves older women.

1.Your a confused teig
2.omg im a teig i like Jessica but Nicholas is pretty hot too
3.im just like teig i fuckin love anel
by Jassymon October 18, 2008
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A reaction to something that is awesome. Or likening something to an awesome thing.
person 1 - "I just got a handy from that girl next door."

person 2- "Cheryl Teigs"
by Jerky Kev November 10, 2020
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