1) Repeated insertion of ones testicles in another's mouth.
2) Continiously crouching on a dead body in a video game.
1: Dude, I don't think teabagging is a good prank, man.
2: dude stop teabagging, it's bad sportsmanship
by Verdigris June 25, 2016
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1) To insert one's nuts into the mouth of another (of either gender), usually while they are sleeping. Can either be a situation of laughter or of excruciating pain, depending on whether the victim is a biter.

2) When after being brutally killed in Halo 2, your opponent squats repeatedly on you, imitating the act of dipping his balls on you. Rather humiliating, especially when there's more than one of them doing it.

3) A small bag of dried herbs, that magically makes tea when you add water and give it some time to steep.

4) The scrotum of a man who has had his testicles removed.
1) Devon teabagged his girlfriend Veronica, then for shits and giggles he teabagged his friend Barton. And Barton bit Devon's left testicle off and beat the shit out of him.

2) After I sniped five guys on a Multi-Flag CTF in Coagulation (including two in a Warthog) for a Kill Frenzy, two of them killed me with SMG fire and then simultaneously teabagged me.

3) I placed the teabag in the boiling water and gently stirred, five minutes later I had hot peppermint tea.

4) Jenna broked up with her boyfriend Jacob because when she saw his equipment, she noticed he had a teabag.
by Demon Phoenix 1337 April 10, 2005
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Tea bagging is mostly used in two ways.
1. A sexual act where a males testicles are dipped in and out of the partners mouth. Similar to how a teabag is used while making a cup of tea.
2. A practical joke, where a male will place his testicles on a friends face and a photo be taken to embarrass the friend. Usually at a party when a friend has fallen asleep.
1. While giving me oral sex, Jess tea bagged my balls.
2. Did you see the photo of Rusty teabagging Rob after he passed out?
by BeerFuelledDude November 15, 2014
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Roses are red, nuts are brown
Skirts go up, pants come down
Body to body, skin to skin
When its stiff, stick it in
The longer its in, the stronger it gets
It goes in wet and comes out dry
It comes out dripping and starts to sag
Its not what you think, its a teabag
by СукаБлять September 28, 2016
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To dunk ones scrotum into the open mouth of another person
Brenda was all passe dout with her mouth open and Billy teabagged her"
by Rachel March 17, 2003
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Resting your nutsack in or on someone else's property for a comedic effect. Preferably with photographic evidence.
While she was in the bathroom, I teabagged her lip gloss.
by Anonymous September 8, 2003
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the insertion of one man's sack into another person's mouth. Used a practical joke or prank, when performed on someone who is asleep, or as a sexual act.
At the frat house last night, when Tim was wasted an down on the floor, he got teabagged by, like, ten guys!

Me and Jen were teabagging last night when her mom walked in. Awkward.
by Bondi January 30, 2006
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