Alternate color worn by the "mighty scum" Portland Timbers of the MLS for 2011. The green of their primary kits blends in too easily with the pitch at their Shit Pipe Park for their meth addicted fan base, that their front office found it necessary to put red on their players so that the Timbers Army can follow the action.

Manufactured by Adidas with pieces stolen from both Liverpool FC and Arsenal FC kits, it's a complete bastard and full of fail. Much like the Timbers themselves.
TA guy: I'd buy my sister-wife a Rose City Red kit if I didn't spend all my money on meth. Fuck.
by betteroffdeadthanrosecityred December 9, 2010
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To frantically attempt to cover up a mistake with severe consequences. Popularized by alice in wonderland.
I accidently broke me mom's favorite antique vase so i had to paint the roses red.
by DeTurk December 3, 2008
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1)The crazy emotions of seeing what isn't really there.

2)mainly experienced by the people who reside in Collins Lakes.
3)When you feel a large burst of irrationality or anger and direct your emotions towards people who have no issue or, may have never met you before.
4) dramatic behavior involved with pathological lying.
Sounds to me like a case of rose red fever. you should get him to leave the lakes.
by Ellenray April 24, 2011
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Originally taken from Alice in Wonderland. English term for a woman being on her period. (On the rag, surfing the crimson wave)
'Sorry baby, you're not getting any tonight. I'm painting the roses red.'
by Faye S January 10, 2010
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