Tay means being a big fat nasty hoe, or in other words slut-like behaviour. It can be used as a describing word to describe someones behaviour
Oh my days that girl is being a fucking a tay
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by illeaturmumspussy123 April 03, 2020
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1.a word to express O.K. but in a lazy kind'a way and also meaning "Why Dont Chu' Make Me!"

2.used also in a repulsive way
When Someones rushing U, U say "tay!, I'm not doing that!"
sort-of saying SHIT
1.Person 1: "Move your big ass head"
Person 2: "TAY"
(and person 2 dont do shit)

2.Person 1: "What Tha Fuck U looking at?"
Person 2: "I ain't looking at Tay, namm Saying"
by Andy A.K.A. TAY May 08, 2007
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Tay stands for someone/something slow or lame.
Man, I got tay hands!
by Miss Lexus January 16, 2009
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Abbreviation of 'tail', when referring to a top quality piece of skirt (who is probably in earshot).
Seen the tay by the photocopier?
by TTY November 07, 2005
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