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A person who is overly amused with their own intelligence but is actually a complete idiot.
That guy is a complete chuckle fuck
by Colonel Angus July 16, 2004

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A redneck and or hillbilly. Of Southern extraction.
From Silence of the Lambs: Don't flatter yourself, Starling. That was a long time ago. Why would I hold that against you? Besides, this town is full of cornpone country pussy.
by Colonel Angus January 26, 2005

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a turd so large it lay up out of the water in the toilet bowl
" i had to crap so bad, i dumped a rim whale"
by colonel angus May 31, 2014

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also known as Rev. Pimp Daddy
Damn, that Rev. Pimp Daddy is a cunnilingus master!!
by Colonel Angus November 29, 2003

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Tay is the short-form of TayTay.
Tay is a gentleman with a ferociosly large penis, who is very charming with the ladies due to his sizeable endowment.
Can be used as a noun, or a verb.
Dude! You are such a Tay!
Man, did you see the way Renfro was mackin those girls? He was Taying it up like it was his job.
by Colonel Angus December 09, 2004

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A word popularized in 7 ICU by Julie and Andy to describe how extremely dissatisfied or disgusted they are at any particular point of time.
Julie exclaims, "This is so trife!" as she begins to clean up a monsterous pile of shit. Andy laughing states, "That is indeed trife!" and walks away to let her clean it up.
by Colonel Angus August 20, 2004

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