hes smooth, like ice.
cold to the touch and not very nice!

also, hes very smol but his dick isnt and thats what really matters
he is 1000% kouhai material and gosh darn adorable.

dont listen to what he says, hes the cute AND hot one; however, he only wants 1 dog AND 1 cat
me: man did you see Tay get rekt out there
me: its because hes smol, you gotta protect him
by biggest in galaxy November 13, 2016
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A fine ass boy , u wish u had all the time, kinda freaky but you'll like it
by Leslie garcia333 January 07, 2018
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Short for Booty. Or Boo'tay as it pronounced by some.
That chick's got a nice "tay."

I wanta meet Sara, I heard she's got a bomb "tay."
by Prince317 February 13, 2008
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Tay is the short-form of TayTay.
Tay is a gentleman with a ferociosly large penis, who is very charming with the ladies due to his sizeable endowment.
Can be used as a noun, or a verb.
Dude! You are such a Tay!
Man, did you see the way Renfro was mackin those girls? He was Taying it up like it was his job.
by Colonel Angus December 09, 2004
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Vietnamese word meaning both westerner and potato. Gosh, them thar folk in the east really had it in for us.
Lan: Gosh, that guy was cute as, Song!
Song: Come on Lan, he was a tay.
Lan: True...

Tracy: What do you want for dinner, kids?
Fung: Custard
Tracy: Well we're having tay.
Fung: Yum Yum Western flesh!
Tracy: I meant potato you douche.
Fung: We have potato every night, mothafucka!!!
by come along pond November 26, 2011
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A cheap knockoff for trays, generally purchsed by those schools/hospitals which are short on funding

Tays, unlike trays, are made almost entirely of wet cardboard, and therefore assist little in the proccess of culinary transportation
"Why you got all that food on you shirt man?"
"My tay split"
"fo shizzle man, mine did that today too!"
by Vincentenial December 06, 2004
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