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1. A celebration of all that is great in the world, usually taking place around a campfire. 2. A euphoric state of mind similar to the one that takes place after climax.
While smoking a fat cigar and chugging a glass of Grain Belt, they were all thinking the same thing and knew without words that what they were experiancing was very Renfro.
by JFarbs July 15, 2011
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My buddy Dave had some much going for him before he pulled a renfro and dropped out of school.
by Drew Needle January 17, 2008
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n. New World Language 1 a gross mistake in judgment; 2 an obnoxious, condescending approach to professional/social interactions

-renfroic adj. -renfroically adv.
He pulled a renfro in his first meeting with his new coworkers.

He was renfroic in his approach.
by Zube9 April 04, 2011
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