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The "photocopier" is when a guy is fucking a girl who is on top of a photocopier or xerox machine. The girl is closed in the photocopier so it is able to make prints while having sex. Then, when it's done, the guy cums on the machine and puts the print out of it on his wall.
Jonathan was cheating on his wife at the office. When he gave the secretary the photocopier, his wife found his prints and he got busted!
by Gabe N. December 26, 2007
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Illusion: Photocopiers are merely man-made electrostatic machines which duplicate sheets of text and images with at the press of a button.

Reality: A live photocopier is the single most dangerous thing unknown to man. The machines used by humans are simply husks of once-living photocopiers. A live photocopier is invisible to the human eye, and each one wears a dead skin mask of a previous human victim, which they flash briefly at passers-by to make them decorate their pants. They are also equiped with double ink-jet blasters, as well as a large red button which, when pressed by a human lucky (or foolish) enough to survive for so long in the presence of a living photocopier, will immediately pulverise half of the planet. However, if all the photocopiers' buttons were pressed at the same time, the entire universe as we know it would be smushed into oblivion.
Asante: Holy fuck! Did you see that shit?
Cleopatra: Oh God, it's a fucking photocopier! Run, run, run, run, run, run, run (ink spurting), aaaaaaaargh fuckcunt!!!!
by Tigerchild October 07, 2008
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