The "photocopier" is when a guy is fucking a girl who is on top of a photocopier or xerox machine. The girl is closed in the photocopier so it is able to make prints while having sex. Then, when it's done, the guy cums on the machine and puts the print out of it on his wall.
Jonathan was cheating on his wife at the office. When he gave the secretary the photocopier, his wife found his prints and he got busted!
by Gabe N. December 27, 2007
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meaning to smoke a cigerette
used by the younger generations as an excuse for leaving the house to smoke
MUM: Where are you going?
Child: Im going round to charles' house, i need to do some photocopying
MUM: ok then, thats fine
by sean kinsey February 1, 2008
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Illusion: Photocopiers are merely man-made electrostatic machines which duplicate sheets of text and images with at the press of a button.

Reality: A live photocopier is the single most dangerous thing unknown to man. The machines used by humans are simply husks of once-living photocopiers. A live photocopier is invisible to the human eye, and each one wears a dead skin mask of a previous human victim, which they flash briefly at passers-by to make them decorate their pants. They are also equiped with double ink-jet blasters, as well as a large red button which, when pressed by a human lucky (or foolish) enough to survive for so long in the presence of a living photocopier, will immediately pulverise half of the planet. However, if all the photocopiers' buttons were pressed at the same time, the entire universe as we know it would be smushed into oblivion.
Asante: Holy fuck! Did you see that shit?
Cleopatra: Oh God, it's a fucking photocopier! Run, run, run, run, run, run, run (ink spurting), aaaaaaaargh fuckcunt!!!!
by Tigerchild October 7, 2008
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The new computer lingo for copying photo's between any two of the following devices: Mac, PC, LT (Laptop), iPod, media, iPhoto, picasso, facebook amongst others.

Incidentally, it is often tight people that photograph their paper because they don't want to pay the measly 10¢ it costs to use an original photocopier.
When tayhimself was offloading his pics from his LT onto his shuffle of their recent forkét shooting, he was 'photocopying'.
by Kent Wes Jacobsen October 27, 2006
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A functionary. Someone who does run-of-the-mill administrative jobs on behalf of others. A lackey. A stooge.
"John Paterson's on the cover of a trade magazine? But he's just the photocopy boy!"
by brummieboy123 February 12, 2016
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Individual often found in the photocopy room. Can have large glasses will often have braces, and certainly a high anoying voice. Strong lesbian conotation, not to be used lightly. Often used as an insult.
1. Hey, look its a photocopy kid, lynch him.
2. Alaric you are such a photocopy kid.
by Phisch June 10, 2004
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The most evil thing to have ever beet created, it pilages villages and violates small babies. Even stooping so low as to eat dirt from under a large lazy mans arse this thing will stop at nothing to cause as much havoc and spiteful acts as photocopierally possible.
Billy was walking along his street happily whistling a merry tune when he feels a cold chill across his neck, he glances over his shoulder catching a quick glance of something, he's unsure what. Billy shrugs his shoulders and continues on his merry way when the Evil Photocopier falls out of the sky squashing Billy flatter than a Two dollar hooker on the job
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