To make moves on, show your game, try to get with the person.
Yo, this kid Jay is mackin it with them fly-ass hoes
by Graffiti July 15, 2003
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to hit on or flirt. Boys mack. Girls flirt.
Yeah, I was mackin mad hard on this girl last night...
by Eric Farthings June 20, 2010
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romantic play activity that includes kissing and loving caress.
Hey sugar, lets go do some mackin at my crib. But first I gots to give a shout out to my peeps.
by mack stud June 28, 2002
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Being in charge. Running game. Calling the shots. Livin' large and in charge.

Also a derivitive of Pipmin'
Not for nothin' never happen I be forever Mackin'
by MackDaddy September 7, 2003
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to be hooking up with (making out)
she was mackin on him
by dfdfsdfsfggf October 14, 2008
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to make out with
"you guys mackin?"
"yeah, we've been making out for hours"
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Mackin means being in total control of your life but it also means being independant, i.e. single
Me give my heart to a woman? Not for nothing, never happen, I'll be forever Mackin. I got no passion, I got no patience, and I hate waitin' (Jay-Z)
by Denton August 29, 2005
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