Its a gypsy word for marijuana, most people say it frequently in Saco,Maine.
Man I wanna smoke some tav.
by Jim December 13, 2004
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Yo wanna smoke some of that cron ass tav?
by dozer August 6, 2003
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a sexy nigga that has a big dick and shy with girls at times dose not smoke but can fight
has money and loves about family loves his mom a lot and basketball
man move out the way tav is coming down the hallway
by Tavonique April 19, 2022
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to bail out on a prior social obligation/commitment at the last minute, usually involving large sums of money potentially being wasted
We got tavved when Stacy told us she wasn't attending the premiere five hours before showtime, leaving us with an expensive empty seat.
by NateDawgToby August 4, 2007
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Everyone moved to the side in the hallway cause Tav was walking through.
by LuckyDarth123 December 17, 2021
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Nickname for Tavis. An awesome, loyal, trustworthy guy friend who can make anyone laugh their head off. He's also addicted to MSN. When he's not on, he always puts his status as Away rather than Offline, because he's too lazy to log off. Also, he can be a bit of a tease sometimes. But we love you anyway, Tav!
I'm talking to Tav on MSN.
by Disvan November 24, 2010
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The Mac Tav (A.K.A 'Macarthur Tavern' or the 'Mac Spaz') is an unrespectful drinking establishment which is located in the Campbelltown area of Sydney. The service is horrible, the drinks are expensive, the food tastes like arse and it is always crowded by lads and lebs.
Nethertheless the Mac Tav remains one of the most popular drinking holes in the area, this is due to the fact that Campbelltown has nothing better to offer.
lad1: Eshayzzz lads lets drink up at the mac tav tonight ay bro
lad2: Yeah cuz lets fuck shit up, get some sluts ay
leb:Fully sick as bro
by DRALLAM April 1, 2011
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