Tuesday Night Drinks.
Going out for drinks on a Tuesday night. Popular among single people, less popular among those with a family.

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The Mrs isn't home 'till 11, you up for TND?
by Milanifan September 15, 2010
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Thursday night drinking,

used when you know its only a half day at work tomorrow, and proberly not go !
by darrylsgay December 13, 2007
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Police jargon to be used for the really shitty area of town which is usually primarily ococupied by races of "color".

TND, Typical Ni@@er Deal, is the resultant complaint registered by the Police when they are repeatedly sent to assinine calls in which there is NO RIGHT ANSWER OR WAY TO HELP.
Dispatch: "42 and 43, disturbance at 512 Ford street".

Patrol Officer: "42, received."

(to other officer on back up via MDT, Mobile Data Terminal), "Oh shit, here we go again, what a TND!!!!!!
by T&E August 16, 2005
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T 'n' D -"T and D"

Titties and Dragons. Like T'n'A but with dragons.
Getting ready to watch some Game of Thrones to get my TND on.
by Snowdog312 January 11, 2014
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Telecomm engineer who wants to be a sloppy Mexican.
by Pep October 24, 2003
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