Used by kvlt black metal kiddies to describe how awesome a new album is even with its horrendous sound quality at shitty album art. Also used mockingly of said group.

More commonly spelled as tr00.
This Xasthur album is as trve as fuck.
by paroxysm January 3, 2007
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a very rich person
Wishes: you see trve's new post on IG? 🤠
Zecsin: yeah he's so rich!
by Zecsin December 15, 2021
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(adj.) Leet way of writing "true".
Dude 1: Who cares if she's sore??? More importantly: did you get head???
Dude 2: trve
by zorpidus April 16, 2004
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Used by small-minded people (or in an ironic way) to describe "the only" way to do something.
"RACK is the only TRVE way of living BDSM."
by jatenk April 11, 2016
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It doesn't get any truer.
Person 1: God is Supreme.
Person 2: Trve statement.
by The most hygh March 25, 2021
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Trve Kvlt is the combination of the words Trve and Kvlt.

The term is usually used to describe the status of an unheard album released in 66 cassetes only by a one-men black metal band that existed for less than a month in some small city of a Scandinavian country during the early 90s.
The "Onda skogen" demo released by Swedish black metal band Alalutu in 1994 is trve kvlt.
by Jesvs March 6, 2017
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