Adjective. Something which goes beyond simply sexy, and in fact represents, defines, and/or embodies all of the sexiness on the planet; the absolutely sexiest person, object, or idea.
"Pamela's skintight zipper-front dress is the sexy, and showcases her sweet T and A."

"JVP is the sexy."
by Unrepentant September 21, 2005
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Something that is exceedingly sexy. Usually used to describe people (particularly hot librarians). Originally from the webtoon "Bonus Stage."
"H-h-h-hey, you! You're the sexy."
by Teh Mandy March 2, 2006
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a person who is sexy and wants to have sex
your sexinesss is through the roof
by tHeBigCooL Bori May 22, 2018
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i am sexy
by yoyohun May 16, 2019
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Something the girls in the example pictures aren't.
No way that is sexy.
by MotherTrucker June 8, 2006
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Someone who looks so good you just want to fuck them all day and night until you can’t possibly go anymore
Ahhh lily is so sexy I just want to fuck her so much
by Hot stories January 7, 2021
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A tempting activity that should be resisted.
I knew I really shouldn't eat that candy, but it was a sexy no no.

Even though I have a boyfriend I gave that guy my number. He's such a sexy no no!

The window was unlocked, so we let ourselves in since we didn't have the keys. It was a sexy no no, but we didn't get in trouble.
by AlisiaMarie May 26, 2010
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