Adjective. Something which goes beyond simply sexy, and in fact represents, defines, and/or embodies all of the sexiness on the planet; the absolutely sexiest person, object, or idea.
"Pamela's skintight zipper-front dress is the sexy, and showcases her sweet T and A."

"JVP is the sexy."
by Unrepentant September 21, 2005
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Something that is exceedingly sexy. Usually used to describe people (particularly hot librarians). Originally from the webtoon "Bonus Stage."
"H-h-h-hey, you! You're the sexy."
by Teh Mandy March 2, 2006
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a person who is sexy and wants to have sex
your sexinesss is through the roof
by tHeBigCooL Bori May 22, 2018
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Something the girls in the example pictures aren't.
No way that is sexy.
by MotherTrucker June 8, 2006
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i am sexy
by yoyohun May 16, 2019
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Someone who YOU find attractive. Someone who in your opinion is appealing. This person may not seem "Sexy" to others, but to you they are the definition OF sexy.

People saying that the girls in the example pictures aren't sexy, are not getting what sexy means. To you they may not be sexy, but, to someone they could be the most beautiful, sexy, hott thing EVER.
Boy 1- That girl isn't that hott dude. Look at the rolls..

Boy 2- So what man??? I mean look up top she got a nice rack and face... She seems sexy to me.
by Azul_Subio December 1, 2009
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A word that is often not used what it actually means.
Arson: That desk is nice
Adam: NO! Its sexy
Jordanna: Adam, you think everything and everyone is sexy
by Francesca is hot March 12, 2021
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