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So He's This Guy With a Red hoodie, And he's part of this thingy called The red Army, And he's Norwegian And.... very... Very Ho-
Never Look Up 'Tord' On google, the more you scroll, the more you regret your life.
by ProbablyATord February 28, 2017
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A fictional character from the youtube series made by Edd Gould called "Eddsworld".
He has a red hoodie, horn-shaped caramel brown hair, dark grey pants, and black sneakers.
He also smokes and is the red leader. ( The leader of the red army.)
He hates another fellow character of Eddsworld called "Tom"
" Its me, Tord?"
"Tord, whats going on?"
"Hey Edd, thanks for holding on to this for me!"
"But, I thought we were... I thought we were friends."
"Huh, NO! What would I need friends for when I've got this? I'm unstoppable HAHAHAHAH"
by LunaStarWolf13 December 02, 2018
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A norwegian guy with a funny accent, interested in giant robots and can probably kill you. Oh and he likes the color red and hent-
"I don't understand why people ship Tom x Tord , it makes no sense. I DARE you to search it up on the internet. " "Why would I do that?"
"If you want to go blind"
by Literally_Trash October 21, 2018
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Originally comes from the great guy; Tord S S*********.
The word is used to describe anything positive and good.
That is a Tordy shirt you are wearing.
I like your tits, they look like Tord.
Check out that Tord.
If I could be anyone or anything. I would be Tord.
Wow, Tord is greater than Alex
Pure Tordsomeness
by Kåreklo September 27, 2011
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A term used for saying Truth or Dare short hand espicialy over IM.
Hannah453: Jill im bored out of my mind

Jill234: Ok wana play T or D
by Walax59 June 10, 2007
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