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A sexy Norwegian, who had to change his name because of the internet.
Poor Tord, he doesn't deserve this pain.
by Sistersis July 17, 2016
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So He's This Guy With a Red hoodie, And he's part of this thingy called The red Army, And he's Norwegian And.... very... Very Ho-
Never Look Up 'Tord' On google, the more you scroll, the more you regret your life.
by ProbablyATord February 28, 2017
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Tord is a turd and so sexy but due to the eddsworld fandom he cannot use his real name in public and might be dead

Tord u gayyyy with tom and Eddie boiiiiii
via giphy
by A Tord fangirl May 07, 2018
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Originally comes from the great guy; Tord S S*********.
The word is used to describe anything positive and good.
That is a Tordy shirt you are wearing.
I like your tits, they look like Tord.
Check out that Tord.
If I could be anyone or anything. I would be Tord.
Wow, Tord is greater than Alex
Pure Tordsomeness
by KΓ₯reklo September 27, 2011
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A term used for saying Truth or Dare short hand espicialy over IM.
Hannah453: Jill im bored out of my mind

Jill234: Ok wana play T or D
by Walax59 June 10, 2007
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Abbreviation for "Truth or Dare" or "Tower Defense"
Hey wanna play some TorD?
I beat you so bad in tord!
by shutupdangit May 15, 2004
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in other words a dufus , what u say to a friend who you think is stupid and it is a replacement for a name e.g shaun.
just phone up tord he is the stupidest guy i know!
by Omid January 02, 2005
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