10 definitions by Wax77

Wet excrement.
A sloppy shit, not to the content of being diarrhea, but just really slimy.
Mooen always has geeli tatti because of his special hot diet.
by Wax77 June 2, 2017
Being lost for eternity after a good beating.
I kicked the crap out of Khuram. He is totally bainz now.
by Wax77 April 23, 2019
Referes to a small ass. A larger ass would be pith, but a smaller cuter ass is often referred to as pithi. Can also be used to define facial features.
Look at that pithi! How cute!
Man, your face looks like a pithi
by Wax77 November 20, 2018
He was a true chimkaderchod since he loved fucking bats in the ass.
by Wax77 March 28, 2020
A person who defines a set of principles and chooses not to follow them.
During the COVID pandemic Mubin had his own set of restrictions which he followed and didn’t follow- all dependent on whatever best suited him. Not a stickler but a teststickler.
by Wax77 March 24, 2021
A relation between brothers and/or friends defined not only by blood but by trust and with life.
First guy: Who these guys hanging with you homie?
Second guy: This my brotherhoodz homie- I owe them my life
First guy: I feel ya homie
by Wax77 November 20, 2018
A man who is whipped- preferably by his wife. A man who has no moral obligations towards his friends anymore.
Naeem is so whipped, he is a total tatto.
by Wax77 December 3, 2016