A love bite caused by over sucking on a person's body
Maddie : Wow you got a big Hickey on you neck!
Kiersten : Yeah I was just up in Chad's office for a private meeting and he gave me a raise!
Maddie : Or did you give him a raise!
Kiersten : Oh that's later on tonight!
Maddie : You Go Girl!
by SlopNChop December 4, 2016
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A usually dark-colored skin mark left on any part of the body after having it sucked for a long period of time.
Your mom gave me a hickey.
by yeah March 22, 2003
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a hickey aka a love bite us a red and purple mark left by sucking on the soft part of your skin breaking blood vessels, usually left on the neck...
mom : what is that on your neck?
girl : ummmmm idk
mom : if that is a hickey you are dead
by urmomgay33 May 9, 2019
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what is given after sucking a part of the body (neck, chest, etc.)causing the blood vessels to break and leaving a bruise.
My boyfriend gave me the biggest hickey, i had to put cover-up on it.
by Jessica January 6, 2005
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smooch or kissing marks on any parts of your body while you are making out with your lover. you'll presse your lips on your lover's body-parts and sucks hard till the reddish mark appears.
Jim is so angry when he notices that there is a hickey on his daughter's neck because he knows who did it.
by Adia March 13, 2005
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the act of sucking ones neck. feels amazing but after when you realize you have to go home and have a giant reddish purple mark on the middle of your neck it isn't so amazing!
cover with lots of make up scarves and hair.
damn you got a hickey.. your gonna be in trouble.
by bladdy December 1, 2009
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