Naeem is a very nice person that can always make you smile, can always make you happy, can always make you laugh and would do anything to make you smile. Also he is Indian and he is a daal chaawal basher and eats it every Friday before and after jummah.
Naeem is nice but he is a katchi
‘’Daal chaawal kaow che
by Wa wa wi wa wa weh May 23, 2018
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naeem is a fat fucker that doesnt do shit all day. hes the super duper gay and starred in a gay porn. he ducks dick and shits on peoples faces. hes a fucking gorilla who'll fuck your dad. kill any naeem u see.
holy shit that guy is fucking disgusting. hes a total naeem.
by itsyerboychipsahoy November 21, 2018
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