The act of typing data into your mobile phone for texting, sending/replying to email, or IM.
That dumbass got into an accident because he was tapping off instead of keeping his eyes on the road.
by porchteq October 29, 2009
The act of rubbing and squeezinf the last bit of semen off on or in the womans vagina or mouth
johnny tapped the last of his seed into the girls mouth
by MK March 21, 2005
when someone is annoying you and you stop them because you're annoyed. "tap you off" means you're going to fight with them if they don't stop
dan: * annoys myles *
myles: bro imma "tap you off" on God
by L.Mail November 19, 2019
meaning absolutely insane, or something extremely cool or impressive
Guido: Oh my god that celica is OFF TAP!!!!!
by Beej December 6, 2004
completely screwed up on ecstacy and/or another type of illegal stimulant drug
"damn that bitch is off tap!!"

"yeh she took 3 e's and snorted a line of coke."
by mynameisneo July 2, 2006
to crack the shits!
ie. to get angry with something
I hear Steve is a bit pissed at Jono at the moment?
Yeah mate he's off tap
by unwritten law March 19, 2004
A phrase engrained in the roots of Fantasy Basketball, directly relating to anything of which could be considered a big deal.
Calum's trade rape of Frasier was off tap!
Mikes free throw percentage this week is off tap!
by Calym October 19, 2012