an Italian American man usually residing in New York or New Jersey. He wears shirts that are too tight and unbuttoned 5 buttons too low to show off the chest that he spent hours and hours at the gym obtaining, he spends more time on his hair than his girlfriend, and continues to "hit the clubs" long into his mid to late 30's. Often attracted to the female version of himself, the guidette.
Could that guy at the bar be any greasier?! He is such a guido
by Liz August 20, 2003
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An Italian-American that pretends to be Italian by: Talking with a thick New York accent; driving their cars way too fast with techno music blasting; dressing in tight clothes/valour, with their hair slicked back, gold chains, bracelets and rings and chest hair sticking out; usually being of ignorant towards gays and minorities and disrespectfull of woman; lives in Staten Island or Howard Beach, Queens; gives Italians a bad name although it's okay for Italians to be guidos as long as they dont share the aassholee attitude that most guidos do.
"Nice valour suit, you look like a guido"
by DiZzY DeViL dUcKy January 10, 2004
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An adolescent or young-adult American male of Italian ancestry or descent; esp. one of lower-middle-class socioeconomic background or status and thought of as being dim-witted, excessively aggressive, and prejudiced against perceived outsiders, particularly homosexuals and members of other races.
The Bensonhurst section of Brooklyn is widely regarded by the rest of New York City as a "Guido" stronghold.
by Anthony Brancato April 19, 2003
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A man of Italian decent, who, after he has finished snorting obnoxious amounts of cocaine and fist bumped holes into your wall, would like nothing more than to take a power dump on your couch to assert his dominance and convert your daughters ez-bake oven into a tanning bed for his dick. Traditionaly a guido's goal in life is to make trashy classy.(i.e. designer wifebeaters). Guido's have often been described as a gym rat/date rapist with class.
Guy 1: " Bromeo have you heard from Tony B"
Guy 2: " Ya I was at his house yesterday. He just sat in his chair and did nothing but use his shake weight for 2 hours while maintaining that " it's not guy unless a guy actually splooges all over your face." And only then because it could ruin ones spray on tan."
Guy 1: " What a guido."
by dslice1234 January 2, 2012
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A guy who works out way too much, wears muscle shirts, has his hair slicked back, and has problems forming a coherent sentence.
"look at the guy by the bar, he is such a Guido"
by Rodger Dodger August 1, 2003
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A certain type of douchebag that lives in the New York City metro and is usually of Italian descent (although in my town, some of the Guido-types are Irish, Jewish, Hispanic, or Eastern Europea in addition to Italian.) You can find him in Brooklyn, in Westchester, the Bronx, Long Island, New Jersey, Staten Island, etc.
They are known for driving fast, tricked-out cars like BMW's, with which they blast their God-awful techno music.
They can be spotted wearing spiked-up hair smothered in gel, and often go out for fake tans.
They sport clothes such as A|X (an alternative, Politically-correct term for Guidos in my town is "A|X kids.") They also wear wife-beaters (they're behavior mirrors the name of those clothes.)
They also carry around Nextels that make the awful chirping noises.
They are generally all-around assholes who smoke pot, drink, harass people, live frivilously off of their wealthy or middle class parents, and trash people's property.
"I just heard a Nextel, must be the Guidos again."

"Those Guidos were blasting their crappying techno by my house last night."
by I hate NYC-area subgroups July 31, 2006
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a person so uneducated that he judges the success of another individual by the amount of jewelry or car they drive.
this really happened: I met a Guido at my company's training seminar and one of our speakers was Tony Jeary, who is known in certain circles, but Guid' goes, " I dunno, he ain't got no nice watch. ring or nuthin (it's hard to type this and keep from laughing), so he ain't doin that good."
by Kathryn Stone June 1, 2003
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