15 definitions by Beej

Hiccups which occur after or during smoking a cigarette. Much more common after smoking quickly after eating.
I lit up too quickly after that steak. I've got niccups again.
by Beej January 26, 2005
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Sexy manguy who is really :cool:
hay that shadylane guy is pretty :cool:
by Beej July 20, 2003
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Another term for calling someone a posh twat
Mate your a posh pot
by Beej September 23, 2020
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a name given to someone who likes to whine constantly about anything and everything.

"Will Ariadne ever stop whining about the size of Alyson's breasts? She's such a Sassdominic!"
by Beej July 20, 2003
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meaning absolutely insane, or something extremely cool or impressive
Guido: Oh my god that celica is OFF TAP!!!!!
by Beej December 6, 2004
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a person suffering from massive psychological delusions in an attempt to grip onto their shattering reality.

Pretending they are one with an animal form, they go online into IRC chatrooms, discuss their several tails, third nipple, their sexy feline figure and then masturbate to images of anthropomorphic animal drawings.

Sometimes congregate in 'furry conventions' which result in nothing more than disgusting orgies of lard, nerd-grease and the lowest rung of the human genepool.
everyone should ignore furry 'lifestylers'
by Beej July 20, 2003
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