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meaning absolutely insane, or something extremely cool or impressive
Guido: Oh my god that celica is OFF TAP!!!!!
by Beej December 05, 2004

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Hiccups which occur after or during smoking a cigarette. Much more common after smoking quickly after eating.
I lit up too quickly after that steak. I've got niccups again.
by beej January 26, 2005

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A term that simply points out someones misfortune or lack of attaining or owning something they desire.
Big Jon: I want LSD and a Speed Cut Defencer

Beej: You have speedcut AND no LSD????? You loose!!!
by Beej December 05, 2004

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a name given to someone who likes to whine constantly about anything and everything.

"Will Ariadne ever stop whining about the size of Alyson's breasts? She's such a Sassdominic!"
by Beej July 19, 2003

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A freely rotating doorknob-like mechanism that can be securely clamped to an automobile's steering wheel facilitating relatively effortless alternating full left and right steering deflections for the purposes of performing more capable brodies.

See "brodie".
Dude, this brodie handle rocks!
by Beej February 13, 2004

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Exercise in which you make a circle with your arms (a circle of life if you will), put your feet together to waddle, and dance randomly and obnoxiously
Instead of sit, let's alexisize!
by Beej January 27, 2004

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pronounced the same as wicked, except with a pair of "g"'s in the place of "ck"

Wigg - ed

Meaning: Very cool, sik, gnarly, top stuff
BJ: Yo will that drift u pulled was wigged
by Beej December 17, 2004

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