a really sweet thoughtful person who cares about people a lot and is really loving however loves to hate in the same time. this person is really smart and knows when something is wrong or off about a person.
that person is like talen
by fujiwaterss April 24, 2022
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he is the sexiest man alive and always knows what to say he is a good kisser and it's fun in bed with him🍑🥵 HES DADDY LIKE AHHHHH HES SO CUTE
do you see that hot guy oh wait it's talen
by talen is daddy November 29, 2019
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Talen- He is a jerk! He always talks bad about you behind your back and he sometimes he try's to charm you with his beautiful face and smile and his CURLS THOOO..... DON"T LET THOSE FEATURES TRICK YOU!!!
by Squishy queen November 11, 2018
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Extremely tall, lovable, considerate, kind, knows how to love on a girl, amazing, has a huge dick, and gives incredible hugs
Girl 1: wow, that girl is so lucky to have talen
Girl 2: i know, whatever girl gave him up is a real moron
by Super Bitch Devil September 30, 2011
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An incredibly talented individual, extremely handsome, energetic, charismatic & one of a kind. Loved and adored by many.
talented, handsome, charismatic, unique, popular
by Nightshade2020au July 20, 2010
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A hot man who has a giant dick and loves girls a lot. He is so loyal.
by kk23234 October 4, 2021
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