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Extremely tall, lovable, considerate, kind, knows how to love on a girl, amazing, has a huge dick, and gives incredible hugs
Girl 1: wow, that girl is so lucky to have talen
Girl 2: i know, whatever girl gave him up is a real moron
by Super Bitch Devil September 30, 2011
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An incredibly talented individual, extremely handsome, energetic, charismatic & one of a kind. Loved and adored by many.
talented, handsome, charismatic, unique, popular
by Nightshade2020au July 20, 2010
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Talen, Talen, Talen. She’s an amazing friend. Super cool, super funny, and very charming. Did I mention, very tall? My best friend, sometimes annoying, sometimes stupid, but I still love her to bits.
Look at her, she’s so tall! Must be a Talen.
Do you have a Talen at home?
by JabaLabaNabaCabaWabaBabaPaba September 01, 2019
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An extremely skinny individual who hopes to one day become jacked. Little does he know, he is destined to look like a stick insect forever.
Can be used to insult skinny people everywhere - "Oi you are such a Talen".
by Epunster March 08, 2018
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A stupid basketball play when the point guard dribbles in circles around the court.
Coach: Run Talen!
by Pablo Otero-Paugh February 01, 2017
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Is really rich but says he’s not. Gets everything from his grandparents. Love to have gay sex with his dog. Has a brother who stabs with pens and hits his friends with speaker. Lowkey gay as fuck. In 6th grade he finds out that you can suck your own dick if you remove your ribcage. Gets his ass smacked more than he smacks other peoples ass. Blonde and gay. A stupid fucking cunt. Is a Nazi Sympathizer.
Hey did you see talen do a backflip off the World Trade Center.

YAH, wasn’t he sucking his own dick too.

Yah, talen is a fucking crazy motherfucker
by DirtyRoss69 December 05, 2019
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Talen's usually think they are hot shit but in reality they are huge douche bags who wear flannel shirts. They have a keen interest in Girls with a smaller stature and they constantly check snap-chat to see if a girl will send them nudes.
Friend 1:"yo who's that guy over there?"
Friend 2:"hes a stupid fucking Talen"
by Bob Sackrider February 07, 2019
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