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1.) A derisive term for cheap knockoff versions of real, high-end tactical firearm accessories such as red dot sights, holosights, flashlights, lasers and scopes. Such accessories are highly popular with Airsoft players, since they look cool, cost much less and don't need to be reliable enough for them to actually stake their lives on. A few morons put them on real guns though, which usually results in the cheaply made devices being destroyed by recoil.

2.) A derisive term for the use of an excessive quantity of tactical firearm accessories whether they are real or not.
1a.) The Airsoft player bought a fake EOTech holosight to make his airsoft gun look tacticool. He tried putting it on a real AK-47 later, and the recoil shattered the lens.

1b.) My Aimpoint Comp M2 isn't tacticool. It's the exact same red dot sight as the U.S. Army uses, and can survive an incredible amount of abuse.

2.) The three lasers, four flashlights, scope and two red dot sights on the AR-15 were very tacticool. A real soldier wouldn't put half that much crap on his rifle even if he could.
by agentsteve592 October 31, 2010
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Derived from the word "Tactical".

1. Descriptive word for equipment or clothing that does not have any tactical purpose; but looks cool.
2. A person who is a city dweller; but wishes to look like an warrior or as if they are/were in the armed forces.
3. Appearance that mimics military or martial arts.
by Lars from Mars September 05, 2004
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A gun that has been unnecessarily modified to include such things as vertical foregrips, laser systems, flashlight systems, hair triggers, replacing wooden stocks with lightweight black plastic ones... and these expensive modifications are done to a rifle or shotgun to make it "cool."

"Tacticool" is generally used as an insult; when guns like the M4 or MP5 are modified in such ways for real uses like house-to-house combat or counter-terrorist operations, it is not usually used.
Dude 1: Dude, check out my SKS!
Dude 2: That doesn't look like an SKS to me...
Dude 1: Well yeah, I modified it a bit!
Dude 2: What the fuck did you do to it!?
Dude 1: Well I replaced the original wooden stock with a black one and I added a laser sight and also a rail system so I could put a flashlight on it and...
Dude 2: Now why would go and tacticool a perfectly good rifle?
by Ninja guy February 13, 2008
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term used to describe war games like the Metal Gear Solid and/or Call of Duty series (esp. Modern Warfare 2) that make the game's players think that they are battle-hardened warriors when, in reality, they are just punk kids/30-year-olds who live with their parents and are too fat/lazy/stupid to enlist
13-yr-old camping in Modern Warfare 2: "OMFG I am so l33t, I am part of Task Force 141!"

Average player (who realizes it's just a game), planting a C4 charge behind the camper: "Wow you are really being tacticool."

13-yr-old: "What's that mean?"

Avg. player: "IT MEANS YOU SUCK DICK!" (Detonates C4 for the win, and gets to listen to teenager cry for his mommy)
by c deez nuts June 19, 2010
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donning military garb whilst playing SOCOM II or airsoft. those who are tacticool either enlisted and were promptly dropped or have "flat feet" keeping them from military service. they will never see a battlefield, save for the one where they cradle their dying buddy after he took a plastic bb in the stomach. he's not really bleeding either, its paint.
krott5333 was now tacticool with the addition of a laser and an accessory dropleg holster for his G34.
by a non ee maus March 20, 2006
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A weapon, piece of clothing or accessory that is black, shiny with go faster stripes and wouldn't look out of place in a SWAT teams arsenal.
by Locinca September 07, 2006
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