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Abbreviation of Taekwondo, which is Korean for "The way of the hand and foot." When taekwondo is referred to as "TKD," it is usually by those who think of the martial art as a sport, which is a perversion of the original intent of its creators.

Although taekwondo is powerfull in the hands of those who use it correctly, those who treat the martial art as a game generally miss much of the things that this art has to offer. They are the ones that say "you don't want to mess with me, I'm a black belt!" or the ones that care more about rank than actually learning anything. By no means are all those who practice the art of taekwondo like this, though.
TKD guy: "It's so good that they put TKD in the onlympics! Now I can bodachagee people on live television!"
Taekwondo guy: "So what? What does it prove when you kick somone in the face? That you can kick harder? Does it really make you any better?"
by Ninja guy March 23, 2007
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A gun that has been unnecessarily modified to include such things as vertical foregrips, laser systems, flashlight systems, hair triggers, replacing wooden stocks with lightweight black plastic ones... and these expensive modifications are done to a rifle or shotgun to make it "cool."

"Tacticool" is generally used as an insult; when guns like the M4 or MP5 are modified in such ways for real uses like house-to-house combat or counter-terrorist operations, it is not usually used.
Dude 1: Dude, check out my SKS!
Dude 2: That doesn't look like an SKS to me...
Dude 1: Well yeah, I modified it a bit!
Dude 2: What the fuck did you do to it!?
Dude 1: Well I replaced the original wooden stock with a black one and I added a laser sight and also a rail system so I could put a flashlight on it and...
Dude 2: Now why would go and tacticool a perfectly good rifle?
by Ninja guy February 13, 2008
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An exclamation used when disproved of something because of an episode of mythbusters. Often used in arguments between two or more people when one person says something that they beleive to be correct and another begins with "no, I saw an episode of mythbusters..."

Usually a bad thing because the winner of the argument had only to sit on their ass and watch television to win the argument.
Dad: John, roll your window up so I can turn on the AC.
Son: I don't feel like it.
Dad: Damnit, I want to save gas so roll up the fucking window.
Son: No dad I watched an episode of mythbusters and they did a test and it's cheaper to drive with the windows down.
Dad: Fucking mythbusters.
by Ninja guy January 13, 2008
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PC has many definitions.
1. Pretty cute. An expression used by men or women to describe a person of the same or opposite sex that they find attractive.
2. Personal computer. This is the thing that you are reading this text on, I presume.
3. Political correctness. This is a type of modus operandi where the idea is not to offend anyone in speech i.e. not saying words such as "retard, nigger," or any other words that could be perceived as hateful.
4. Pre-calculus. This is an advanced high school and oftentimes required college class that introduces students to the world of calculus and its symbols and method of thought.
5. Can be the initials of a certain person, for example, Phoebe Conybeare or Phil Collins.
6. Pro-choice. This is a person's belief that it is a woman's right to have an abortion if she sees fit.
7. Player character. This is the avatar that a video gamer uses when playing an interactive video game.
1. Dude, that girl is PC.
2. Dude, check out my new PC.
3. Dude, you really need to work on your PC when you're in Detroit.
4. Dude, I need help with my PC homework.
5. Dude, did you check out PC in Journalism class today?
6. Dude, that girl is PC.
7. Dude, my PC could totally kick your PC's ass.
by Ninja guy August 4, 2007
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