The SKS (which stands for Samozaryadniy Karabin Simonova, or Simonov Self-Loading Carbine) was developed by the USSR in 1945 and was the first battlefield rifle to use the now ubiquitous 7.62x39 mm round. It was quickly superceded by the AK47 rifle, which was lighter, shorter, and capable of select fire, in contrast to the bulky SKS. The SKS was later exported to Warsaw pact countries and Asia. It was widely used as a terrorist and guerilla weapon prior to the latter's switch to the AK47. Most SKS rifles available for sale in the US today come from Russia, Yugoslavia, Romania, China. A few rare variants come from Albania and also Vietnam. The SKS utilizes a simple returning gas-piston system similar to that of the AK in order to chamber the next round after a round has been fired and has a magazine capacity of 10 rounds. Loading of the SKS is accomplished by use of stripper clips.
The SKS is a capable, reliable and accurate rifle.
by Ares August 12, 2004
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Soviet 7.62x39mm self-loading post WWII rifle. It provided a lightweight alternative to other overpowered bolt action rifles of the war, eventially replaced by the AK-47(or AK).

Today, it's a spiffy little hunting rifle. It fires bullets. It's good stuff. Every good militia should have one.
My SKS can outshoot your Garand any day, sploozer.
by ChickenFriedKitten June 15, 2004
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Texting and internet abbreviation for "seriously killer stuff"
When someone posts lots of good porn on their Tumblr blog you can send them a message "sks!" as a thank you acknowledging their hard work for your masturbation pleasure!

Or if your dealer gives you some great blow or weed you can text him back "sks" after you've gotten totally fried on the shit.
by TheGreatSinner January 10, 2013
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'SK' is and abbreviation for 'Sick cunt' or 'Sick kunt'.

A slang abbreviation used by people mainly in Australia and New Zealand.
"Your mates a sk"

"You're a fucking sk"

"Aw what a sk"
by Boiwoda October 5, 2014
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"You better hope he never gets out of prison! If he finds out you snitched, he'll kill you!! He's an SK!!"
by 107Soulja July 12, 2018
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An abreviation, short for the SKS. A semiautomatic rifle that is easy to convert to fully-automatic. A favorite of old school gangstas as it was invented around the same time as the AK-47
"I popped the punk ass with my SK. He didn't have a chance!"
by Pimp-Daddy June 2, 2004
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Or just sk, abbreviation of "it's ok" or "that's ok".
Person 1: Thanks for the drink
Person 2: 'sk
by PrettyStarFury July 11, 2008
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