The (metaphorically) funniest joke on the planet! A game series that goes from MW1 (which was a pretty sick game) to MW2 (which contained graphics that blew everyone away but had terrible game play with campers/OMA noobtubers/hackers/glitchers/and boosters) to Black Ops (which is the most recent game in the series that ironically has the worst graphics yet but decent game play!) It is metophorically a joke because the games go from bad to worse and people think it is still a good game (ironically the ones that are ruining it)
Person#1 - "Hey you guys wanna hear a funny joke?"

Crowd - "Sure!"

Person#1 - "Black ops!"

Crowd - (LOLz!)


Creator of Black Ops (Retard) - (in a retarded voice) Hey guys i is r the craerter of black ops and i did goood job (ironically it is a piece of shit!)! I hired excpertz to designgng game plaeye and my 2 year old daughter draw maps her self (Hence why nuke town is well you know!) I R Kool!


Call of Duty series ha what a joke!!!
by FASTGUYDOGonyt March 3, 2011
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