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the shit stain on the wonderful tapestry that is the state of Texas
One day, god set out to create one of the most beautiful things in the world. He decided he would call it "Texas". He painted rolling hills, golden plains, and beautiful deserts on Texas. He created the great cities known as Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, and Austin. He gave Texas waterways brimming with fish. The people of Texas saw this, and thanked him for it... and then god's dog walked onto Texas and took a shit in a spot between Houston and Corpus Christi. God grabbed the ol' Pooper Scooper and cleaned it up, but the stain remained. This stain would later become known as the town of Victoria, TX.
by c deez nuts July 01, 2010

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The greatest goddamn punk band ever to walk the earth, and proof that all good things must come to an end. Active from the late-70s to mid-80s, the Dead Kennedys consisted of vocalist Jello Biafra, guitarist East Bay Ray, drummer D.H. Peligro, and bassist Klaus Flouride. Producing five studio albums, the Dead Kennedys wrote songs that still ring true in this day and age
"MTV get off the air...NOW!"- Dead Kennedys, 1985
"Amen to that"- all intelligent people worldwide, 2010

"The law don't mean shit if you've got the right friends, that's how this country's run." Dead Kennedys, from their version of "I Fought the Law", rewritten about the Moscone-Milk assassinations.
"What else is new?" -people watching news coverage about the financial crisis, 2008-present
by c deez nuts June 15, 2010

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My favorite term for the preppy and/or popular kids in high school. Typically, these kids are little shits who aren't used to hearing the word "no" because their parents were softies or chickenshits and did not discipline them when they were young. They are on every goddamn page in the yearbook and throw a bitch fit over the smallest things (i.e. when their grade drops below 90) and think they know everything and won't shut the fuck up unless physically assaulted.
Boy, those little pricks are in for a real shock when the apocalypse happens.

Frank: "Man I'm THIS close to beating the shit out of those little pricks."
Tom: "Not worth it, dude. They'll get theirs."
by c deez nuts June 15, 2010

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term used to describe a person who thinks that he/she (9 times out of 10 it is a male, usually in middle school) knows a lot about guns, but is just repeating whatever they heard and/or saw on FutureWeapons, the History Channel, and the weapons menu on any FPS/shoot 'em up (especially Modern Warfail 2 and the Battlefield games), and doesn't bother to actually research the firearms, and sounds like an ass whenever they talk about firearms.
Gun Queer: "OMG teh Striker is teh best shotgun evar!!"

Me (the average gun nut): "OK, if you know so much about it, can you tell me who invented it, what country it came from, and can you legally buy it in the US and why/why not?" (Answer: Hilton Walker invented it in the '80s, it was produced in South Africa, and it cannot be bought in the US because it is classified as a "destructive device" under the NFA)

Gun Queer: "Uhh... Russia? And you can't buy it here because it's Russian...right?"

Me: "Wrong on all counts. Go home, gun queer."
by c deez nuts June 24, 2010

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nickname for Bill Clinton, the 42nd US president, and the best since Eisenhower. Nickname was given to him based on the fact that he came from Arkansas, a notoriously redneck/hillbilly/kicker, etc state
Man, Bubba is bad-ass! He's still doing shit even though he's not president, like getting those 2 reporters freed from North Korea! Dubya could never do that!
by c deez nuts June 17, 2010

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The men and women who guard you while you sleep in your little race-car bed and prevent society from breaking down into an anarchistic free-for-all. A thankless job, police have to deal with ungrateful fucks (i.e. little shit teenagers whose parents need to beat the shit out of them, and wouldn't survive if the police weren't around to protect them) insulting them just because of one bad cop giving all police a bad name
A few cops are dicks, but most of the police I know are cool.

Man, the police caught one of my neighbor's old workers trying to burn his house down. They arrived just in time.
by c deez nuts June 15, 2010

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term used to describe war games like the Metal Gear Solid and/or Call of Duty series (esp. Modern Warfare 2) that make the game's players think that they are battle-hardened warriors when, in reality, they are just punk kids/30-year-olds who live with their parents and are too fat/lazy/stupid to enlist
13-yr-old camping in Modern Warfare 2: "OMFG I am so l33t, I am part of Task Force 141!"

Average player (who realizes it's just a game), planting a C4 charge behind the camper: "Wow you are really being tacticool."

13-yr-old: "What's that mean?"

Avg. player: "IT MEANS YOU SUCK DICK!" (Detonates C4 for the win, and gets to listen to teenager cry for his mommy)
by c deez nuts June 19, 2010

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