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The explosive shits you get right after eating mexican food I.E. Taco Bell. As mentioned in "Harold and Kumar go to White Castle" a New Line 2004 film.
Oh that mexican food gave me the worse case of the taco shits. I must use the shitter or we are going to have a problem here. Clean up on Asile 3 if you know what I mean.
by The Man With the Plan February 08, 2005
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When you eat at Taco Bell and then about 2 hours later you sit on tolet and shit your fucking guts out.
BT: Dude, I had 2 gordita crunch's, 4 hard shell tacos, 3 bean burritos, and 2 chicken burritos for lunch.

JackTHEretad: Did you get taco-shits?

BT: Yeah dude I sharted all the way home and finally unloaded and lost 5 pounds in taco-shits!
by BradelyG June 01, 2009
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(n.) The delicious contents of a taco that fall out of it when you take a bite.
Is usually eaten afterwards with a fork (or by hand, either way)
I thought I was completely original creating "Taco shit" until I saw it already on UD.

Ah well

Mike: "Yo man you gonna eat that taco shit?"
Doug: "YES! It's the only SHIT I would eat!"
by ScreaminIdiot October 14, 2008
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to take an explosive shit all over your bathroom walls courtesy of taco bell.
keli had a wicked case of the taco shits!
by Luis Perez October 11, 2004
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when you are eating a delicious taco, particularly from da bell, and that taco shits out mad meat.
Loaf: Yo this the best taco ever!!

:: Taco SHits::

Joll: hahaha

Pig: yo your taco shit, speaking of which, i gotta go drop the kids off at the pool.
by got dat vd September 12, 2007
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