A very unpleasant event, thing, object, or person. Evoking feelings of loathing, and or true awfulness. UNSAT! (Unsatisfactory)
You can't make it to the big party??!?!?
That's a Dog Shit Taco!
by Scoopalone February 21, 2009
a taco that consist of dog shit and a flour tortilla with your choice of toppings
your breath smells like you eat a dog shit taco
by Zack Harrison November 19, 2007
The act of farting into and filling up a vagina with a rank fart.
Man Shazza was a freak, she made me give her a shit taco.

I gave this chick a shit taco right, and she queefed it back in my face.
by Dandrew December 19, 2021
The act of farting while taking a shit that sounds like a running lawn mower
"Do you hear that in the bathroom over there? Someone is shitting Taco Bell style."
by Fucking moron October 17, 2017