taco full of shit, poo, poop, phesis, diareia, ext...
taco bell's tacos ,"shit taco"
by pussy licker man July 28, 2009
Spreading your girls ass cheeks and shitting in between them
Your mom asked for dinner in bed so i gave her a shit taco
by Zach attack is back December 6, 2007
Spreading open the vertical smile and defecating inside of a woman's vagina
Bro 1: Did you know Brenda is a scat lover
Bro 2: What? Really?!?
Bro 1: Yea brah, she let me shit taco her!
by chrisbiz November 6, 2009
Slang term for Chicago. From the Dawn and Drew podcast.
I have to fly to shit taco this weekend.
by Russga December 15, 2007
A shit taco is when u get a cup of coffee and u think that it is going to taste good and then it tastes terrible.
This frozen carmel cappuccino from Dunkin' Dounuts tastes like a shit taco.
by FattyFattyBoBoLatty October 15, 2009
When you shit in a taco shell and your partner eats it before you have sex
Shit taco's aren't for the faint of heart.
by Mysinkwaterisnotpregnant November 27, 2015
It is where you spread her ass cheeks and shit in between them
Your mom asked for lunch in bed and gave her a Shit Taco
by Matt, Zach November 12, 2007