This death defying shit is your worst nightmare,The nuclear explosion explodes instantly out your asshole and breaks the sound barrier,it could harm many and can destory a country,even a continent,but don't worry the only way you can do a nuclear explosion is eating like rosie o' donnel
Holy Shit,I never want to fucking do a nuclear explosion shit again
by Desilets07 April 22, 2008
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Hello. My Name is Taylor. I am THE ONLY PERSON with E.S.D.

Dont get too close to my ass, or else you will catch on fire.
RIP Jimmy John & Family.
Im sorry i killed you, but you got to close to my ass and it caught you on fire.

E.S.D. is a very bad thing. It blows up toilets, kills your friends, and burns holes through your pants and makes you look like you have ass-less chaps.

Its not fun AT ALL!

Explosive Shit Disorder (ESD): Have you ever had tacos and your stomach starts rumbling? Then you run to the toilet and unleash all hell? ESD is ten times worse, you usually don't make it to the toilet, it's very messy and occasionally puts holes in the walls.
by Taylorrina January 17, 2009
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When you pull down your pants to poo and while your bent over pushing them to your ankles the poo explodes from your ass all over the toilet and wall.
"Dude bro, I wouldn't go into the bathroom if I were you, I just spackled the walls with a shit explosion."
by TheMadShitter August 16, 2006
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A condition for individuals who get extremely nervous right before taking an exam or test. The anxiety is so severe that they feel as though they need to run to the bathroom to take a shit before going forth with the exam.
Alex was suffering from PESE (Pre-Exam Shit Explosion) before the Physic's final exam.
by Crista&Sasha January 19, 2006
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a really big amount of shit coming out of your anus, so big that it burns.
I'm about to take a explosive shit after eating Chipotle.
by Ayo pause?? April 29, 2023
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either you think something is amazing or you have an illness or your food has been poisend but its interesting non the less
GUY 1: bro that was some explosive shit.
GUY 2: I'm not sure if that's a good thing
by nae nae nigga February 9, 2022
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