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Feeling no pressure. Completely relaxed. Like you're floating in space.
"How you feeling Tony, how's your day?" "I'm feeling zero gravity 'man', feeling great.
by Integrity Bandit June 15, 2018
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A great band with such songs as "Midnight Crush". Lead guitarist Devin Malone is fuckin' amazing!
Zero Gravity is my favorite rock band of all time. I can play all of their songs.
by Jon June 19, 2005
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Teacher: What would you do if you got the chance to go to space?
Students: Have sex in zero gravity, DUH
by facebookcreeeper March 30, 2011
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Awesome song written by David Archuleta, and sang by even awesome-er Jackie Boyz.
Boy 1: Have you heard Zero Gravity by Jackie Boyz?
Boy 2: No...
Boy 1: Well you should! It's ttly AWESOME!
by ;mxtherfxcker. July 28, 2009
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boyband from Los Angeles comprised of Five guys Michael Kean, Adam Wilhelmsson, Peet Montzingo Trevor Dow and Fredrick Rose their First single "Make you mine" was Released: Jun 15, 2014 on iTunes on September 21 2014 they opened up for American pop artist Aaron Carter at the House of Blues in San Diego. Then Oct 28, 2014 they Released their Second single "Don't Leave Me Lonely" on ITunes
Discover ZeroGravity I'm not talking about feeling Weightlessness but a boy band
by ZeroGravity FanNation February 02, 2015
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