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Teacher: Excuse me jonny, what are you doing over there?

Jonny: Yo sir, give me a minute. Im just t-bombing some broad about tonight!
by Percilla1223 May 10, 2009
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A text message in which devastating information is revealed.
-"Dude, your phone just went off."
-"Whoa man, t bomb from Ted. Party's off."
by William Forrester February 08, 2009
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Un-expected text message delaying ones progress
Justin : Hey whats the hold up? We gotta go
Ryan : Got a t bomb, hang on
by Sasquatch20 February 24, 2010
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a girl who leads her boyfriend/random guy on with the prospect of anal sex in an attempt to get money/food without the intention of actually delivering.
Man, I spent 20 bills on that chick at Denny's last night and all I got was some road head. That chick was a total t-bombs.
by I-skillet January 14, 2006
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a T bomb is where a girl you were interested in taking home from the party turns out to be a transvestite.
'I thought that girl was joking when she said she could do more pushups then me..and then she dropped the T bomb"
by morgan... June 19, 2008
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