Unique city in Saskatchewan Canada that is known for being the most dangerous city in Canada as well as 9th most dangerous city in the world.
The 8am rush hour is at 6:30-9:30 and the 5pm rush hour is 3:30-6:30, but Fridays rush hour ends Thursday Morning. If you want to fit in you should never stop at a yellow light as everyone will just get pissed off.
Saskatoon has a zoo and a pretty good one! it consists of 300 different kinds of deer and a whole bunch of peacocks. another cool attraction includes "Bareass Beach"(nude beach). You know you are defineatly in Saskatoon if you see restraunts named after chains(Tony Tomma, Hard Wok cafe.) and you can get where ever you want within 10 minutes.
Popular celebrities include Sailor Dan, he sells paintings of sail boats around downtown, and dougie, a guy who drinks in Midtown Plaza (mall)
We Saskatonians take pride in our city but we know where not to be.. which is the west side at night.
Saskatoon's summer starts and ends by not the date but by when DQ on 8th street opens and closes.
Other facts about Saskatoon:
*Work on 20th street usually means prostitution
*Most people have been to Bananza more then 5 times
*Best ski hill around is Blackstrap a.k.a. the pimple on the praire
* zipup sweaters are called bunnyhugs
* chololate milk is called Vico
*Saskatoon is the chlamydia capital of Canada
*Drinking slurpies in -40 is a way of life
*When people say the are going to the U of S they mean the university not America
Girl: Im from Saskatoon

Guy: ME too!
Girl: haha really? you ever chill with Dougie?
Guy: umm who's Dougie?
Girl: You are obviously not from Saskatoon
by ClayClay16 June 4, 2010
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Saskatoon is the largest city in Saskatchewan, it is located roughly in the middle of the province. It only has approximately 215,000 people which makes it rather small compared to other Canadian cities. However, it is not the capitol city that goes to Regina which is located 2 hours south. Saskatoon is a city divided between east side(middle class) and west side(ghetto). The city is home to the University of Saskatchewan. It is a relatively good place to live i.e. not too small not too big. Temperatures range from -30c to +30c so the weather can be extreme.
If you ever find yourself in Saskatoon be careful of the police they are known to drop people off outside city limits where you might just freeze to death, if it is winter.
by Liquid January 9, 2005
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A city close to 250,000 people, located in the centre of Saskatchewan. It's motto is "At least we're not Winnipeg." Some of the weirdest people in Canada live here. Plagued by crime, mental illness, substance abuse, geriatrics and terribly long winters. The city features the worst race relations north of the Mason-Dixon line, with stupid bigoted Whites and bigoted walking stereotype Natives. It has a good University, crappy schools and a pleasant river valley. There's some hope to be had for Saskatoon's future but with considerable brain-drain and the inept mayor Don-Don Atchison things are likely to go awry.
Person 1: "Wanna go on Welfare, get drunk, dress in sweats everyday and chain-smoke?"
Person 2: "Yeah, I'm a total waste of human resource!"
Person 1: "Great, let's move to Saskatoon."
by Hester H.L>Mofet May 9, 2013
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Located at 52.2°N latitude and 106.7°W latitude, one of the most all-around beautiful cities in Canada, and the greatest place in Saskatchewan. It's easy to find your way around, has a great Thriftlodge motel on 42nd and Idlywyld Dr., which is cheap but still near-magnificient, Radio Cab company which has the nicest drivers of any cab company I've ever ridden with, a 3-story A&B Sound right outside the Greyhound station, and scores of nice people who are proud to live in a clean, compact city.
Saskatoon is much better than Regina, which is full of loud, sloppy drunks, usually donning Molson Canadian or Budweiser caps; or Swift Current, where hotels are always booked, and people are overweight, mouthy and completely unhelpful.
by screambloodygore August 1, 2005
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A great city. Seriously. But not all of Saskatoon is safe, notice why it's ranked Canada's 3rd most dangerous city behind *ahem* REGINA! Which is also in Saskatchewan. Don't walk west Saskatoon alone at night, just a warning. Other than that, this is a nice, moderately sized, clean city. Lots of things to do at night. Weather can be HORRIBLE sometimes but you'll get used to it.
Person from Windsor: Wow, good to see that there's ABSOLUTELY no place in Canada like the city north of me (Detroit) that's dangerous.

Person from Saskatoon: Pfft, there is, you'll get torn apart if you wander into west saskatoon.

Example 2:

Person from toronto: I'm gonna take a trip out to West-central Canada. Where to? Calgary? Vancouver?

Person: Every been to Saskatoon?

Person from Toronto: Who or What is Saskatoon?
by I dunno, lol May 20, 2007
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An Awesome place to live in! But it really depends on which area you live in. The downtown is nice. Where people could just walk down and show and sho off their outfits for the whole city to see. I don't live in Saskatoon anymore but I used to. I've lived there for most of my life already. So I always make an effort to go there whenever I get the chance. Saskatoon is definitely NOT a boring place compare to the town I live in right now.

Tourists should visit Saskatoon to see what a wonderful place it really is! It has a very nice river which is really nice in the summer time!

....There are also some very nice, attractive girls in Saskatoon, guys. About the guys, girls, I don't really know so I can't say. But there would be some attractive guys over there perhaps too.
I went shopping in Saskatoon with my mom and we had a pretty good time together!
by GirlieGirl February 22, 2006
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A city of about 250,000 people situated in the middle of nowhere.
Saskatoon is full of ghetto natives and street people,and has the highest crime rate in all of Canada.
It is also the AIDS capital of Canada.
The weather sucks ass too.Winters are long and cold and it is not uncommon for the temprature to go below -40 degrees celcius.Fall/Spring is cloudy,depressing,chilly and wet.Summers are decent but way too short and too many mosquitos.
There is never anything going on in Saskatoon,it has to be the most boring place in Canada.

Saskatoon is nothing but a frozen ghetto shithole.
It makes Winnipeg look good!
saskatonian 1: Fuck its cold

saskatonian 2: I know man,i was taking a piss the other day and it froze before it reached the toilet bowl

saskatonian 1 :Shit seriously? damn saskatoon sucks,lets move to iraq

saskatonian 2 :ok
by benchod123 August 16, 2010
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