Slang for symptoms or people that have symptoms are called symps.
Doctor what will be all my symps if I take this medicine.
Hey dude, what are your symps, are you in pain?
by JiffyJiff June 13, 2008
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A Symp is a pimp from the hood. Someone that get money by male prostitution. The difference between a Pimp and a Symp is a Symp is strickly for the hood.
(Driving through the hood)
"Damn that Symp just slapped that ho"
by Symp February 28, 2004
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Short for sympathy. In this instance we talk about having sympathy for drug users, thieves, and vagrants.
That guy thought we were all crazy for being mad at those people for leaving needles in the park. He was a symp.

Don't be a symp thinking it's ok for RVs to be parked all over town. Full of homeless.
by Captain_obvious10 December 12, 2019
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A terrorist sympathizer, named in honour of com-symps.
Michael Moore is a lying terr-symp.
by shellita October 15, 2006
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One who symapthizes with Communism, especially during the Korean War.
You stupid pacifists and com-symps don't deserve to live in this country.
by shellita October 15, 2006
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Random teenagers that play Roblox as a copy and paste or slender trying to bypass the word symp to make other players feel bad of themselves
Timmy: Saves friend that's a girl
Jack: You're such a symp kid
by RobloxIsGettingWorse April 12, 2021
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Not to be confused with a simp, a symp (short for sympathizer) is a person who expresses irrational levels of sympathy or empathy towards something or someone, in order to draw attention, induce negative emotion or a reaction, victimize someone or themselves, gain a particular social leverage, etc.
Person 1: Dude, Matt's a massive simp
Person 2: A symp?
Person 1: Yeah, a simp
Person 2: Don't you mean a symp?
Person 1: Yeah, I said he was a simp
Person 2: I'm pretty sure you mean he's a symp
Person 1: No, he bought my fucking date
by ZzbulletheadzZ August 31, 2020
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