A man who places importance on a woman's irrational problems. He is sympathetic to her petty nagging and believes it will get him laid.
Woman: I was having cramps all day today and you didn't even call to tell me you loved me!

Symp: Baby, I am so sorry. Can you ever forgive me?
by excel March 3, 2005
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A respelling of "simping", meaning to be in a sad or more emotional state, but the cause is not limited to unrequited love or attention. The use of the "y" is a nod to the word from which it is derived, "sympathy".
Jack: Hey, guys, I'm really not feeling the club tonight. I just don't feel great right now.

Tom: You know what, man, let's just go to the bar, open a tab, and talk it out.

Chris: It's a symping night, boys! Lay it all out, kings!
by akuwardmoments January 18, 2021
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a guy who acts all tough like he doesn't care about his girlfriend around his friends but acts all whipped in front of his girlfriend. (aka arjun via natalie).
Arjun u sympin ass can't let natalie do that to you
by biscuitdogggg April 25, 2016
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You don't give a shit about nothing or no one.
Damn you see fifty wit dat no symp attitude. He just smacked a baby and he don't give a .
by Vinny-G September 28, 2009
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A term most likely evolved from the word "Sympathy," it's used to described the action of reading, listening, or watching things meant to make a person feel a certain emotion, particularly sadness. Most commonly, creating a playlist of songs you know will make you cry, and then listening to it until you're a sobbing wreck.
Person: "Sometimes, I think the only way I can feel things anymore is by symping."

Person 1: "Yeah, I just listened to sad songs until I cried myself to sleep."
Person 2: "Oh, so you mean you were symping?"

Person 1: "You mean people make playlist specifically to feel sad? I don't do that."
Person 2: "What do you mean? EVERYONE has a symp list."
by Don'tlookatmeI'mdepressed January 29, 2018
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A person who aligns with a cause, especially one of ill intent or repute. An abbreviation of "sympathizer".
Although Dr. Hans Asperger was a eugenist and joined all German and anschluss-era Austrian pro-Nazi causes without actually registering in the NSDAP, he was nonetheless a Nazi symp.
by HoorfRedux February 22, 2021
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Short for Communist sympathzer, or commie symp(s).
Hey, did you see that chic, she was wearing a Che Guevara t-shirt? Stinking commime symp!
by IVillageIdiot@digg.com March 27, 2009
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