How morons spell "strictly."
I was banned from the Internet forever just becuase I wrote "strickly" instead of "strictly." Is that rediculous or what?
by Sebastian Gorkamorka August 31, 2006
Meaning that you have no attraction to dick and are strickly a pussy or vagina person. Opposite of strickly dickly
dick vagina pussy Dave is so strickly kittly.
by sweecie June 10, 2016
1. A woman's figure of speech when it's based on her sexuality, which is heterosexual or straight.

2. A man's figure of speech when it's based on his sexuality, which is homosexual.
Woman#1: You like women.

Woman#2: Hell naw! I'm strickly dickly.
by Mr. Terrence L. Trezvant July 17, 2006
exclusively heterosexual dude.
Rex is strickly chickly
by Rexford February 28, 2008