Superficially charming, psychopaths make a good first impression on others and will often strike observers as remarkably normal. Yet they are dishonest, self-centered, and unreliable, and at times they engage in irresponsible behavior for no apparent reason other than the sheer fun of it. Largely devoid of guilt, they have casual and callous interpersonal and romantic relationships. Psychopaths often offer excuses or make up elaborate lies for their reckless and often outrageous actions, placing blame on others instead. They almost never learn from their mistakes, plan for the future or realize the reprocussions of their actions, and they have difficulty inhibiting their impulses.
My wife is psychopathic. She steals my prescriptions pain meds when she can and sometimes blocks me in the room where I lock up my pills until I give her some. She has had me arrested when I wouldn't give in and after hours of this I pushed my way out of the room and she had her 9 year old daughter run next door to call the cops on me. I was arrested for stopping her from making a 911 phone call. When I got out of jail the next day I found out she and her kids spent the night breaking into my safe. She took all my pills and any money I had in there and destroyed my safe. The new safe I bought has a key override but I locked the keys inside. She hired someone to pick the lock and she got one of the keys out and kept it. After 4 days I noticed my pill count was extremely low for a 3 day old script. She denied it until I recorded her doing it. I filled the key hole with two part epoxy. I couldn't even make the rent more than a few times cause she would get ahold of my debit card, pull out cash and buy pills. I had two new cars that were repo'ed and owe over 90k on loans and credit cards since we got married in 2011. She accepted a summons from a debt collector on 7/1/14 and I didn't know about it until I got a letter in the mail stating I failed to appear and lost by default. She does not work or collect any income. She doesn't even sweep the floor or do the dishes. Hell, the only thing she does is sit on the couch, drink Mountain dew, smoke like a chimney and watch tv.
by SubHuman752 August 01, 2014
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When I watching the Bachelorette, Luke P looked up the definition of a psychopath and it was a photo of him
by kale1116 June 03, 2019
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It is time to note the difference between a psychopath and a psychotic.


A person with an antisocial personality disorder, manifested in aggressive, perverted, criminal, or amoral behavior without empathy or remorse.

Psychopaths tend to lack normal human emotions such as guilt. They are also often highly intelligent and skilled at manipulating others.

Also, psychopaths seem to appear normal. You would probably never guess there was something wrong with them.

Note, not all psychopaths are serial killers.
Ted Bundy was a psychopath, but Richard Chase was a psychotic.
by Someone December 21, 2003
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A person who knows the difference between right and wrong, but doesn't give a damn. Shows no morality and no emotions towards others, including love, guilt or hatred. Would happily destroy anything or anyone merely for personal pleasure.
Samuel B Slater from fresh unit is a total psychopath, but is also very intelligent.
by fresh unit wannabe! June 14, 2004
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Somebody with an antisocial personality disorder whose character traits include at least fifteen of these twenty:
(aggressive narcissism)
1. Glib, shallow charm
2. Grandiose sense of self-worth
3. Pathological lying
4. Cunning/manipulative
5. Lack of remorse for their actions
6. Emotionally shallow/ lack of affect
7. Callous/lack of empathy
8. Failure to accept responsibility for own actions
(Socially deviant lifestyle)
9. Need for stimulation/prone to boredom
10. Parasitic lifestyle
11. Poor behavioral control
12. Sexually promiscuous
13. Lack of realistic, long-term goals
14. Impulsive
15. Irresponsible
16. Juvenile delinquency
17. Early behavioral problems
18. Revocation of conditional release
19. Many short-term marital relationships
20. Criminal versatility

In short, a wolf in sheep's clothing, a predator in disguise. Psychopaths are generally thought of as serial killers, but most are not even criminals; necktie psychopaths wreak havoc in the office, ruthlessly manipulating and charming their way to the top.
Psychopaths are obsessively meticulous, are calm and fearless, and are able to lead a double life in which family and friends see one person... and other people see a very different side. Immoral, perverse, and criminal, they know right from wrong but they get a thrill out of defying the law and moral codes.
Similar to a sociopath, except that psychopaths are born while sociopaths are generally made and they seem to be two sides of the same coin; psychopaths are temperamentally devil may care, are cool and self-controlled, and cannot internalize social norms; sociopaths have relatively normal temperaments, are more easily agitated, and their problems are generally the result of environmental and social factors (unstable childhoods, the wrong crowd, extreme high or low intellect, etc); psychopaths are obsessively meticulous while sociopaths are more sloppy and erratic; psychopaths feel nothing for others while sociopaths can feel empathy in particular contexts; psychopaths are able to fool people for years while sociopaths are more easily exposed. Both will get what they want, regardless of who stands in their way.
by Lorelili June 19, 2011
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A person who lacks the ability to feel emotions. Psychopaths can easily be identified at breakfast when they pour the milk in before the cereal.
person a: Did you know john was a psychopath?
person b: No how do you know?
person a: I saw him pour his fruit loops into a bowl already full of milk.
person b: wow, clearly he has no regard for human life.
by jettlax November 22, 2016
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Someone that uses discord light mode or someone who doesn't kick that ice cube under the fridge when it falls.
Stop using Discord light mode dude its weird
Psychopath: No I dOnT tHiNk I wIlL
by Sir PP the III September 06, 2020
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