The rule that you can have more then one girl if she lives in a different area code then your other girls.
Yo man I gota call Jill.
Dont you got Tracy?
Yea but Jill be in da 213 and Tracy in the 517
by A$-Money February 19, 2005
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A new improved way to rate girls, improving on the 1-10 scale. Just like an area code, let's say 212 for example, there are three digits in this rating scale.

The first number corresponds the girls face, from numbers 1-9, 1 being the lowest, 9 being the highest.

The second number corresponds if the judging male will have sex with the said girl. 0- I would never have sex with said women. 1- absolutely I would stick my pleasure stick in that camtoe. And the last possible digit, 2, meaning that the male would have sex with her only under the manipulating influence of alcohol.

The last digit of the area code is based on the said female's body 1-9. 1 being the lowest, 9 being the highest.

To keep this rating system under wraps, a group of males will never ask what's that girl's area code. He will always ask the male, who are you texting? This keeps the code safe and in control.
A group of males at a bar, scanning the scene for potential mates, while standing next to their female friends, use the area code scale to judge the females at the bar.

Male 1: (Points out a certain female group) Who are ypu texting?

Male 2: I'm texting three people at the moment, 617, 503, 504, what do you think?

Male 1: No way, I can only text 717's, you know what I'm saying?!?

Celebratory laugh for the success of the rating system
by DopeDickReynolds January 18, 2013
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-A complex rating system that guys use when their girls are around with area codes.
-With many various, you can get creative with it and never get caught up..
-But no two girls should have the same number in the same night, otherwise you get them mixed up
First Number: Face 1-9
Second Number: Body 1-9
Third Number: Would you Smash? 1=yes 2=no

thus making an area code

"whats up with that 781 from the other night?"

by jaecue January 8, 2008
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Using a 3 digit area code to describe a womans appearance. The higher the digit the better. First number is the woman's face, the second number is either a 0 (zero) or 1 (one). Zero means you would not like to have sex, One means you would like to. The last digit is the body.
2 guys walking down the street, they both see a fine woman coming their way. the first guy says " wow, look at that 718". The next guy says " No way, she's like a 402 if anything" Using Area Codes to describe the woman without her knowledge.
by Madman76 August 21, 2008
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1. Numeric telephone coding commonly associated with geographical location usually consisting of three digits for the United States. Typically only necessary for long distance and international calls, and when calling from some mobile phones.

2. Same as above, except tattooed or self printed on one's clothing, on the off chance that that you might meet someone out of town who might have memorized the national area code listings and go "huh... how 'bout that?"
1. The area code for the greater Tucson, Arizona area is 520.

2. The area code for New York City, "212" is glue gunned on the back of my hoodie. Represent!
by Cactustastic January 25, 2011
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Area codes. Codes that are used by the postal service. Often put in to songs such as area codes, by ludacris and nate dogg to specify where someone lives or resides :-D
I got hoes.. I got hoes..I different area codes. "Area Codes, Luda & Nate Dogg"
by KLmC "06" 410 Holla bak October 24, 2003
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the act of pelvic thrusting in one's general direction.
dude! man! don't area code in my general direction! whore!
by area codee June 29, 2006
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