Some one that no matter how ugly he is will always get laid
He's a rich guy, I'll bang him then divorce him then take ALL his money
by Beautwagon08 March 26, 2015
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What you do when you are too slow to call shotgun, and don't want to or incapable of riding bitch. It's the right rear seat found in opulent cars like the Lexus 460h and the Maybach. However, any rear right seat will do as the expression of ridin' rich guy is only sour grapes for not obtaining the more prominent position of shotgun.
Joe: I'm driving!
James: Shotgun!
David: Piss...That's cool...I'll be ridin' rich guy.
by stoked one April 22, 2011
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To assume someone is smart, talented or visionary solely because he is rich.
He gets a rich guy pass even though he can't tie his shoelaces or turn his computer on.

He's still in charge because he has a rich guy pass.

A rich guy pass will take you to the very top in this industry.
by July 8, 2012
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This isn't about skin color so much as it's about the way we discriminate in these modern times:INCOME,EDUCATION,CLASS.
It's a mindset that thinks a million dollars for a one room condo is a bargain...that paying a thousand dollars for two
30 dollar bottles of vodka and a place to sit comfortably is just a good night out...that 1500 dollar an hour pussy is somehow better than 300 dollar an hour pussy...that bidding up the price on goods and services somehow puts you a cut above everyone.
Famous RICH WHITE GUY practitioners:
>Michael Douglass
by L.MARTIN January 15, 2006
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Guy from Egypt, rich and will always have spare change in this pocket and is a Jew, and cant get laid with any amount of money there is.
by Bolel July 11, 2020
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