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To understate; downplay. The opposite of exaggerate.
ROBOCOP: How many files did he deliver?

TRISCH: I don't know: like, none!

ROBOCOP: There were at least two, Trisch. Don't enaggerate!
by Maria June 10, 2005
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greasy person who i never h/u with. I can do MUCH better. he just started jacking off in front of me and then tried to kiss me with his iraqi tounge that was prob. down his dads throat
by Maria February 22, 2003
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A guy hotter than you!!
He's hot!
you're....well...you're just plain ugly!
by Maria January 9, 2005
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Trent: hey is Kent that baby's daddy?
Paige: nah...that baby ain't timit
by Maria June 17, 2006
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to be excited for sex; formal for 'horny'... you stole my wordddd
i was sexcited till i found out that my word was already created
by Maria January 12, 2004
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It means your life fing sucks and thats really really sad i just dont want to say it to your face. so iam being polite and saying it just sucks to be you!
man , it sucks to be you !

You have no life , damn it sucks to be you!
by Maria June 16, 2004
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The coolest guy in the world. Sharp and good looking. He is chivalrous and a brilliant lawyer
I want to kill your girlfriend in USA sunny
by Maria November 4, 2004
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