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The first misconception other states have of New Jersey is that it "smells". Infact the only part of Jersey that may be a little rough on the nostrils is that of coming to the Lincoln Tunnel, since it is heavily populated in the surrounding areas with factories and marshes(which DO NOT home dead bodies).

Jersey is infact one of the wealthiest states in the country that people just can't help but moving to due to it's scenic portions and safe, quiet suburbs. Not to mention the fact that whichever end you choose to move to(North or South) you're in direct locations to two of the largest, bussling cities in the USA(Philadelphia & Manhatten). Not crossing out Central Jersey which is home to some of the most clean, friendliest beaches on the East Coast which has abundant tourism rates in the summer and hoppin' boardwalks.

All our residents in this state may seem very short fused, but hey...YOU try hearing a bunch of shit from bennies and other states sayin' how much you suck and your state is worthless and we'll see how you feel at the end of the day.

We hold it down here, infact i've lived here for 19 years of my life(and counting) and found upon visiting other states(such as Mass., Virginia, Nevada, Arizona, Maryland, Pennsylvania) that i MUCH rather live here for the rest of my life then in some economic wasteland and/or socially constipated place(yeah Virgina, I'M LOOKIN' AT YOU!).

i"Yeah, that's reeeeeeeeeal original, nope, never heard THAT one before"/i
by maria July 25, 2004

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The very sexy lead singer of the band Franz Ferdinand from Scotland.
i totally love Alex Kapranos he is a beast
by Maria June 07, 2004

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The most geourges man in the world, SexAy eruope boy. Hes da biggest pimp around. Omg dat tyte arse hes got, cute lips, those sexy lips, SEXY ABS!!!!OMG OMG!!!! when i get the goeurage to ask him out, id sleep with him anytime ANYWHERE!!! OMG GORAN IF YOUR READING THIS I LUV YOU!!! MARRY ME!!
OMG SEXY ERUOPEAN BOY!!! I'd do him even if he had aids OMG SO SEXY, 10x sexier den Usher OMGG
by Maria March 03, 2005

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the cutest guy in ais-r
:- If HeAveN iS MiSsIn An AnGeL
ThEn SINAN MuSt Be aLiVe -:-
by maria February 12, 2004

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The worst singer and actress in the whole fucking world! She doesn't write her own songs, she probably lip sings. She can't act worth shit. Her sister fucking mooches off of her. She doesn't deserve anything. Hilary Duff should be shot, I feel so sorry for all the little kids who have had to listen to her gay ass songs about rain and crap like that, flying away, that shit. Hilary Duff is the most fake celebrity. The only reason little girls like her is because of those gay ass Barbie comercials. SHe is a fucking sell out to Disney. She is a fucking poser and gives all punks a bad name. Hilary Duff should come clean and fly away!
Hilary Duff: a hay ass poser who deserves nothing!
by Maria January 09, 2005

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A guy hotter than you!!
He's hot!
you're....well...you're just plain ugly!
by Maria January 09, 2005

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keep rocking wit dat pacman poppin!
Tcb has a bangin cd dat jus came out.-polos b-day
by maria February 25, 2005

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