A word meaning "Move, bitch." It is an evolved form of the phrase once uttered by Ludacris: "Move, bitch, get out the way." It is known as the most scholarly word of the new generation.
"Oh shit. I need to use the bathroom. Swerve, bitch!"
by my bff jill May 9, 2014
To perform or execute a task or function consistently or repeatedly without any difficulty or minimal effort
Kevin drove the the ball straight down the fairway all day. He had his swerve on.
Comes From The Song "Mercy" By Kanye West. It Is Often Used To Imply Dodging Someone. Kind of Like "Say Man, Gone On With That Bullshit
*First Day Of Shool*
Girl: OMG I Missed You!!
Boy: Bitch SWERVE, You Aint HMU All Summer

*First Day Of School*
Girl: OMG!!!! A NEW START A NEW ME!!!!!!!!!!
Anonymous: (o.O) SWERVE Bitch! Nobody Forgot What You Did Last Year
by Malik Wiley August 25, 2012
To tell someone to go away when an unwanted proposition is made.
Person 1:"Bruh, lemme get some gum"

Person 2:"You ain't even say what's up, you just asking me for some gum? SWERVE!"
by WhoaDere February 8, 2013
Used by Denzel Washington in the movie Training Day (2001) for the part where he was about to have drinks with his friend.
Denzel: Yeahhhh about to get my swerve on.

(About 20 minutes into the movie the reference is used.)
by Kanye aint bout that life April 20, 2013
Used when one uses snarky comeback leaving the opponent absolutely speechless.
Person: blah blah something annoying trying to be smart
You: I'd like to see from your point of view, but I can get my head that far up my posterior.

You: Swerve. *walk away.
by Katkat February 7, 2013