I jst gotta do sumin..
by jbx March 10, 2005
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Acronym meaning 'Just Saw This' for use when responding belatedly to a text message. A great time saver as 11 words are thus condensed down to three. Now instead of having to type out 'I'm so sorry, I just saw this' or 'sorry, didn't have my phone', the user can simply begin with 'jst' Granted these excuses are generally bogus, but this powerful little acronym doesn't care. It works equally well in deliberate or in-deliberate cases.
jst. Hope you found someone else to pick you up from the airport.
by crüerulz May 10, 2014
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1-We missed our dinner reservation because my friend was on JST and rolled in 20 minutes late
by causeits245am August 26, 2007
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Just Ship That Shit.

To rush unpolished and underdeveloped software for the purpose of making money. See shovelware.
- But it's not done yet!
- Who cares, JSTS.
by anon4210 June 20, 2010
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Just So Titanic or JST, referring to an event, person or activity that is sad or deeply emotional.
"Its JST that your dog died last week, isn't it?"

"Yeah it is."
by dreamsme11 June 16, 2012
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JST guys / JST party
Japan-Standard-Timely company of people;

could catch you in the middle of weary panties only sit., esp. still-on time of preparty or Long Acting medication time.

BTW: On the slips of Takkyubin (🏓Japanese delivery service) you should check boxes to designate desired hour of delivery.
PingPong! (Japanese door chime sounds)
Jhon "Who the heck is that?"
Jane "OMG, i forgot we are in Tokyo, JST Guys arrived!"
Son of Abikos "Gee, JST party in my pants!"
by 💾ReallyTbytes📺 November 1, 2016
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Some stupid immature shit who writes unfunny things on Urbandictionary and pretends to be someone else.
The fake JsT is too much of a pussy to use his/her real name.
by JsT February 11, 2005
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