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on your period; menstruating.

derives from the fact that when you are menstruating, the blood is a conduit for the expelled egg, which will no longer be able to become a child. When it hits the toilet, you flush it down.
Geez, MaryJane, why can't we can't have sex just 'cause you're flushin' one down? I was really hoping to get my red wings tonight.
by Shmouse May 23, 2005
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Totally bonkers; joyful beyond repair.
Frazzled, but with a positive spin.
When UrbanDictionary.com used DJ's favorite word, POATEW, as the word-of-the-day, he was totally FRAZZLY for a week!
by Shmouse May 23, 2005
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Also known as little man syndrome or lms. When a small guy tries to be tough because he's shorter than average or small of stature. (Taken from the name Napoleon, who was just a few inches over 5 feet tall and tended to blow people up and start wars.) See Napoleonic War.
Rick had a case of napoleonism beacuse he was only 5'5". He didn't need to be so tough, 'cause he was a great and kind friend who would do anything for you. Unfortunately, people still look down upon short people, and he took this personally.
by Shmouse May 24, 2005
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Acting like a brat. See rich kids.
Aria was acting really bratly when the money for the new horse, the money for the English riding saddle, and the money for the rent weren't given to her on the first of the month like she requested.
by Shmouse May 19, 2005
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A small or short mouse-like animal.

Someone who is very quiet and withdrawn and seems to blend into the woodwork.

Can be used as an endearing phrase or a put-down, depending on the inflection.
1) I love my little shmousie sized cat; she fits on my lap just perfectly.

2) That shmouse over by the bar better not ask me to dance, 'cause I'll just laugh in his face.
by Shmouse May 19, 2005
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Actually, a bacardi & coke with a shard of lime. Takes the boring old standard of rum and coke to a different level. (Whether that level is higher or lower ... you be the judge.)
Mon Cher, please bring me a Cuba Libre whilst I sit here on my lazy ass.
by Shmouse May 19, 2005
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The bruise you notice on your upper arm(s) in the morning after a drinking binge with friends. Comes from said drunken friends poking you in the arm repeatedly whilst trying to get your attention.
Dickie: HEY DJ (poking arm), check out that Raider touch down!

DJ: Dammit Dickie, now I'm gonna wake up tomorrow with another damnable HEY BRUISE!
by Shmouse May 23, 2005
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