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The "illness" that you have after a full night of drinking; what you tell your boss you have, when calling in sick the next day.
I had to call in with the COCKTAIL FLU after we went out all night and ran the bar out of Jagermeister. Oh, my aching hair!
by Shmouse June 4, 2005
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a not-entirely-true or documentable "fact" that can be used alone or used to embellish a story;

see Anneism
During the Anneism spouted by Gertrude, the factoids were flying fast and furious.
by Shmouse May 19, 2005
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word conglomeration of Don't You Know.

Used to finish a sentence containing facts that are somewhat obvious.
Hey Mimi, I think it's nearly 5 o'clock.
It's almost time to leave, donchaknow.
by Shmouse May 23, 2005
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on your period; menstruating.

derives from the fact that when you are menstruating, the blood is a conduit for the expelled egg, which will no longer be able to become a child. When it hits the toilet, you flush it down.
Geez, MaryJane, why can't we can't have sex just 'cause you're flushin' one down? I was really hoping to get my red wings tonight.
by Shmouse May 23, 2005
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1) Good eats; something yummy.
2) Satisfaction.
Nummy Nummy Nummy
I've got love in my tummy.
by Shmouse May 24, 2005
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Acting like a brat. See rich kids.
Aria was acting really bratly when the money for the new horse, the money for the English riding saddle, and the money for the rent weren't given to her on the first of the month like she requested.
by Shmouse May 19, 2005
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A name for your friend, bastardization of buddy.

May be used singular or plural.
by Shmouse May 23, 2005
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