Switzerland is a beautiful small country in Europe!ITS THE AWSOMEST EVERRR!!!you better love it!!
Swiss Chocolate is from Switzerland!
by vanessa jenny lee November 20, 2006
European country, although not in Europe, Switzerland is home to people who live together but never speak to each other except on exceptional circumstances, however then in English (which is not an official language despite there are already 4 of them). Being a neutral country, the military service is mandatory and equivalent to about one year altogether for each male citizen. If neutrality was in need of protection, each male citizen has a military assault rifle ready for use at home. However, no one ever thought about using it to kill someone else: Swiss people are very respectful of instructions and were prohibited to use their rifle for military purposes.
Switzerland is considered a tax paradise, not because of its taxes (which are quite significant eventually) but just because the other countries would prefer that their citizens come back paying them in their jurisdiction instead of elsewhere.
Typical dialogue between two nationals in Switzerland:
- Grüezi !
- Désolé je ne comprends pas.
by Attorney^2 February 4, 2014
Meaning : Neutral.

Because in the wars it was a neutral country.
Kaeleigh: Hey, do you wan't to go to the movies?

Devon: Sure.

Amy: Eh, I'm Switzerland about the situation.
by Caelidhtopp December 8, 2009
Best country in the world. Reasons: best chocolate, best cheese, best food (raclette and fondue), best mountains, best skiing, best views, best lakes, best land, best cows, best schools, best grass, best water, best snow, best clouds, best sun, best rain, best weather, best aroma, best ice cream (Movenpick), however, most expensive beanbag in the world. Swiss in not a language to anyone out there who is dumb.
Where does Toblerone come from? Are you dumb? It comes from Switzerland, the best country in the world.
by alpaka fbi open up spies April 21, 2020
A country of yodelling mountain goat herders and hot blondes named Heidi.

A country in Europe that never chooses sides in wars.
Switzerland makes good hot chocolate.
by Me August 16, 2003
"Yo bro you trying to go roll up some kush?"
"For Switzerland! I got the sticks."
by 911wasInsideJob August 17, 2017
"Something you can bank on, just not in wars"
My money is in Switzerland, they will not fight in world war II.
My money is on Switzerland, they will not fight in world war II.
by ankchak October 26, 2018