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lucerne is a city in switzerland.
lucerne has a big lake and a river. on the lake are beautiful old ships. in the city are a lot of tourists. around lucerne you can see beautiful mountains, for example pilatus or rigi. and in the distance you can see the alps. In lucerne the people speak swissgerman. It's a really beautiful city and it's worth visiting.
I am from the city lucerne and I love this city. And to this people who dont wanna publish that deifinition: I AM PROUD OF BEING A SIWSS GIRL AND THERE'S ONLY A HATE-DEFINITION OF LUCERNE, THAT DOESN'T SHOWS THE TRUTH! so le me publish that defiinition, so I can show the truth!
by ProudSwissGirl June 20, 2014
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switzerland is a small country in the middle of europe. It's a neutral country. It's famous for its beautiful mountains called the alps. or the good cheese & chocolate. In switzerland four languages are spoken, the most spoken language is swissgerman. It's a small, cute & beautiful country.
switzerland is a small country in europe
by ProudSwissGirl June 20, 2014
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