Well-known for its chocolate, mountains, and neutrality.
Switzerland is going to become the Kowloon Walled City when WWIII breaks out. I'm calling it.
by MyPseudonymThatsNotMyName September 9, 2022
Switzerland is a landlocked country in central Europe surrounded by Germany, France, Italy, and Lichtenstein. It is surrounded by beautiful mountains and lush landscapes. It is known for its wealth, beauty, infamous neutrality, price of living there and of course, chocolate. In my opinion, Switzerland is the most beautiful country in Europe. It is a snowy heaven. It has 4 official languages, German, French, Italian, and Romansh. Most residents speak German as their first language, but many also speak Italian, French, or English. It is also known for its Ski resorts, many of which are the most beautiful in the world. The most famous is Zermatt, which sits on the Matterhorn mountain. Switzerland is not part of the EU, so it uses its own currency, the Swiss Franc, which is among the most valuable in the world. Switzerland's immigration is near impossible if you do not a job or a wife there. It always ranks very high on the UN's "HDI" (Human Development Index) With a population of about 8 million people, it has never been in any major conflicts and generally gets along with all of its neighboring countries. All in all, Switzerland is one of the prettiest and amazing countries in the world.
Joe: Hey where do you want to move when you grow up?
John: Bern, Switzerland, one of the most expensive but most beautiful cities in the world.
by Swisen1T48 January 13, 2021
A country whose people think every good thing comes from themselves and the bad ones from the foreigners who live there.
1. Switzerland is a country which is obssessed with being "neutral"!
by schwitz May 20, 2005
an awesome landlocked country that lies in the middle of Europe. Switzerland is often mistaken for Sweden or Swaziland. Dumb Americans generally believe that people from Switzerland speak "Swiss" when actually German and French are its main languages.

Switzerland also is a place full of as many expats and foreigners as actual Swiss citizens. International schools rule the country with its crazy students from all over the world.
Mike (an American)- Yo, you lived in Switzerland for 10 years... Does that mean you speak fluent Swiss?
Sarah (girl who lived in Switzerland)- No dumbass, I speak French! Swiss isn't a language.

Kelly- I go to International school in Switzerland, but I'm actually American.
Tony- No way! I go to International school in Switzerland too, but I'm Venezuelan!
by hotpinkrunningshoes August 21, 2011
A neutral zone u take when ur friends r in a fight and want u to choose sides.
Person 1: "dude did u see the fight at last night's party?"
Person 2: "Yes! That was intense! The guys r asking me to choose sides do"
Person 1: "I'm being switzerland, I'm not taking any part in this!"
by French girl October 25, 2014
1) A small landlocked country in Europe.
2) Being neutral.
1) Dude im going to Switzerland this summer!
2) Im going Switzerland on this one.
by Holyswagness December 9, 2013