A small neutral country in central Europe, Switzerland is famous for lots of things, such as banking, chocolate, watches, weed and the Swiss Alps. Switzerland lies between Germany, France, Italy, Austria and Liechtenstein.

There are four official languages: German, French, Italian and Retoroman. These four languages differ slightly from the original languages, and there are many different accents spoken as well.

Though the city of Bern is being used as the capital, officially Switzerland doesn't have a capital. Zürich is the biggest city of Switzerland. Other well-known cities are Basel, Geneva and Lausanne.
Dude, I'm snowboarding in Switzerland!
by Sandros June 12, 2006
A country that is small and neutral.
“The Swiss are small and neutral.”
by Lugs-o October 18, 2004
A small land locked country in Central Europe surrounded by epic mountains and a bunch of countries who have done some crazy shit in the past, all of which Switzerland has refused to take part in. Switzerland has relatively high taxes, but because of this the government can afford to let everyone be parents for a couple of years whenever they have a baby, then when that baby is in high school the government pays for him to learn his way around an M-16. This is why nobody has ever had a beef with the Swiss, or if they did they sure kept quiet about it.
"Switzerland has always had a military draft-they have to, because they're surrounded by bastards." -Dr. John C. Freemuth
by YAR! A pirate! February 2, 2011
Neutral, don't really give a flyin' fuck.
"Dude, I'm like Switzerland night now. I don't give a damn." Mike told Tom after seeing who did who at the barfight.
by Burpo De Slausheimer May 22, 2009
Switzerland is neutral like Wednesdays - the week is half over and only half to go until the weekend
A: Hey bro! Happy Switzerland!
B: What? Why Switzerland?
A: Because Wednesdays are neutral - it's not the beginning of the week and the week is half over!
by Famous Teacher October 17, 2017
*A European country.

*To be neutral; to be neither good nor bad, to neither attack nor be attacked; derived off of Switzerland's peaceful, stable nature.
"Switzerland makes cool knife kits, and is said to have lots of banks. ^_^ Then again I say that because I hear a LOT about how people deposit some of their money into Swiss banks."
by Dave June 17, 2004
Country where even cow poop is neutral.
Switzerland takes shit from nobody but cows

cow poop country shit neutral
by The leader of the evil block January 13, 2013