A country which grew as the cantons-to-be (districts) formed political alliances swearing to help each other defend their territories; thus "Eidgenossenschaft", meaning "oath-community". Soon this motley crew of still independent states set out to conquer more land and eventually become the mighty country known as Switzerland. It should be noted that this procedure resulted in a territory comprising roughly 2x the size of New Jersey but more sinificant to the average Swiss, a territory smaller than Austria or even Bavaria. This fact should not be mentioned mockingly by any visitor to this 70%-alpine country unless he or she is intent on finding out if every male Swiss really does still store his army riffle in the wardrobe.
Switzerland is known for its neutral attitude towards all sorts of events in world history, although it should not be forgotten that it did try to invade Italy in 1515.

Should any two parties choose to start a war, Switzerland will demonstrate its neutrality by selling weapons to both parties.
Switzerland, hero of song and story!
Switzerland, winner of ancient glory!
Fighting for the right, fighting with its might;
With the strength of ten, ordinary lands!
Switzerland, people are safe when in it,

Switzerland, only the evil fear it!
Softness in its eyes, iron in its thighs;
Virtue in its heart, fire in every part of
The Mighty Switzerland!

(probably the inspiration for "the Mighty Hercules")
by TheMightyPling! January 10, 2012
A country in central Europe with beautiful mountains known as the Alps. Every citizen has an assault rifle, would be a very tough country to invade.
by ryda December 17, 2004
Description of Sweden. Often used as a direct suffix to Sweden, since many americans think that Sweden and Switzerland are the same country.
- So, where do you live?
- Sweden--not Switzerland.

- Dude, this music is awesome! Is it from Swit-
- Sweden. Not Switzerland.

- Does Switzerland have polar bears?
- It's Sweden, not Switzerland. And there's no polar bears in either of them.
by Pestbarn August 19, 2011
Pricey Watches, Dirty Money, Good Weed, Cheap Discount Beer, and Expensive Fun are among the things to be found in Switzerland: a small, central European nation known for its wealth, the secrecy of its banks, mountains, and the extensive military defense lines. Every house has a bomb shelter and a military issue rifle as they have a draft. The pedestrian will note that streets tend to be dead by 10 and walking around you are confronted by walls and hedges. Everywhere.
"Hey man, if the world was going to fall apart where would you want to be?"

"Switzerland, without a doubt. I'd use the bank vaults to horde artifacts and books that we could use to rebuild the planet, and then sell it to people when the time is right."



"Hey, wanna go skiing this weekend?"

"Man, I can't afford to go skiing, I'm broke from trying to hit on rich Genevoise girls."
by otto von sauhund December 8, 2010
A landlocked European country which has been neutral in many historical conflicts, including the two world wars. Its banks are world-renowned for their secrecy. Capital is Berne.
Switzerland is the neutral piggy bank of the world.
by victor August 10, 2004
1. A small, neutral European country.
2. To be socially neutral; not taking sides with mutual friends in a fight or stirring up drama.
1. I'm going to Switzerland in August.
2. Chase and Ami are fighting again, but I'm trying to be Switzerland.
by kenni! <3 April 29, 2008
The America of Europe.

Refuses to ruin their beautiful country by joining the European Union.

The white spot in the middle of the map of the European Union.
Switzerland does whatever it wants and doesn't take shit from anybody.

Switzerland has the largest standing army in the world.
by Der_Kaiser June 20, 2010