a bisexual or sexually flexible guy/gal. originally meant someone who bats with both hands equally well, or someone who plays for both teams.
sarina's a switch hitter, she goes both ways.
by dagger_grrl November 2, 2003
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"You know John?"

"Yeah why"

"Turns out he's a switch hitter! Never even entered my gaydar..."
by igdoritos January 15, 2021
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The practice of masterbating alternatively with the left and right hand. This prevents ones dick from bending to the left or right after many years of jerking it.
Women love my straight cock. The secret is being a switch hitter.
by smalldong November 25, 2013
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one, usually a male, that masturbates using both of his/her hands.
it's a good thing i'm a switch hitter, because my arm was eaten by a dumpster last week.
by yawn April 14, 2004
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Either a male or female who would just as easily choke on sperm as they would on pussy juice. In other words, they are a bi-sexual.
I never figured little Jimmy to be a switch hitter until the rumor got around that he parked his beef bus in Old Man Whithers's asshole.
by J Milbs October 18, 2007
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When he or she maturbates with there non dominate hand.
its hard to be a switch hitter.
by David Mertoff November 20, 2010
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